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Khertland Battleship Estia

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53228]

It's finally here, it took me 9 days to build this. Its my pride and joy. I spent a lot of work on making it detailed as possible. I didn't work on the ship the whole day for 9 days as I still have to eat, sleep, and work. I did spend most my free time on it. I only took two breaks. One around the 5th day iirc and another on the 8th day. A few hours watching youtube videos and anime. But otherwise solely focused on this ship.
Took awhile to post this because I kind of lost inspiration and motivation for the lore after finishing the ship.

The Battleship Estia is Khertland's most modern and capable battleship and serves as the navy's flagship. The battleship was a result of the reduced capabilities of the Arclight class. Originally intended as a stand alone ship, the navy has shown interest in ordering a follow up ship with improved ammunition safety and protection.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53231]
Operators: Khertland Navy
Preceded by: Arclight class
Succeeded by: None
Ordered: 23 June 2018
Laid down: 9 July 2019
Launched: 13 July 2019
Commissioned: 18 July 2019
Decommissioned: ???
Planned: 2
Completed: 1
Cancelled: 0
Lost: 0
Retired: 0
General Characteristic
Type: Battleship
Displacement: 50.1k mass
Volume:  155k cubic meter
Blocks: 55k blocks
Cost: 848.9k
Overall Length: 368m (1207 ft)
Waterline Length: 364m (1194 ft)
Between Perpendiculars: 345m (1131 ft)
Beam: 39m
Draft: 13m
Freeboard: 9m
Propulsion: 2x Snosrap C16 STF-2(N) 32/62-3000 "flat Rib"
Speed: 33 knots
Fuel: 308k
Range: 1939 km
Complement: 1 player or 2x AI core

Sensor and Processing system:
-1x ICFC-1 Mk.I  Fire control system
-4x FCS-4 Mk.IV Fire control Directors
-1x Rotating ASS-4 Mk.I Air and Surface Search Radar
-1x REWR-8 Mk.I radar warning system

-7x4 46cm L/50 ASG-7 Mk.I
-3x3 155mm L/60 ASG-11 Mk.I
-12x2 15cm L/65 DPG-11 Mk.I
-8x2 76mm L/83 AAG-8 Mk.I
-4x1 1m L/4 SS-1 Mk.II Illumination Gun
-33x3 AC2 L/3 Mod.4 Mk.I
-10x1 AC2 L/3 Mod.3 Mk.II
-2x5 10/4 Mod.1 Mk.II Torpedo Launchers
-20x 10m ASfT-6 Mk.II Torpedoes

-Belt: 10m metal, 1.7m decapping
-Deck: 3m metal armored deck, 0.4m metal decapping deck
-Main turret face: 9.4m of metal
-Main turret side: 2.4 to 3m of metal
-Main turret rear: 0.4 to 1m of metal
-Main turret roof: 2m of metal
-155mm turrets: 5 to 6.4m of metal
-15cm turrets: splinter to 1m of metal
-76mm turrets: splinter protection only
-Barbette: 4-6m of metal
-Bulkheads: 0.7 to 10m alloy or metal

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53229]

By 2018, the KNS Restoration, the sole battleship in Khertland service was growing obsolete. A new battleship named Estia was ordered seeking to supplement the existing battleship. Unlike the Restoration, the new battleship had a heavier focus on anti-shipping compared to the previous shore bombardment role. The new design was extremely ambitious with heavy armament that was deemed unfeasible. However, the vessel was already far in to its construction and could not be canceled. The only option was for significant redesign.
Originally the ship was to have 7 quadruple 460mm main turrets, six triple 240mm guns, ten twin 133mm dual purpose, and up to twenty one casemate 152mm guns in addition to torpedoes and many 76mm anti-aircraft guns. This was reduced to four main turrets, five secondary triple 240mm turrets, and no casemate guns. The dual purpose guns were kept and 76mm reduced. The ship was significantly reduced in size and aircraft handling facilities dramatically reduced from the original 7 float planes to only a single. The space for the flag officers and additional command spaces were kept.
The ship was renamed to Arclight as the navy wanted to preserve Estia for their true flagship. Shortly after completion, a revised less ambitious design was drawn up for the Estia, based on the Restoration's design. However construction was not authorized until 2019 when a completely new design was drawn up.

The Arclight class was considered too long and the navy sought to reduce the length of the upcoming battleship as much as possible. Several main gun layouts were tested before a 2-3-2 design was accepted. The Two fore and aft turrets were in superfiring position minimizing the length it takes up. The amidship turrets had two turrets superfiring over a single central turret. This minimized the length the most as it presented the most overlap of the gun barrels; allowing the turrets to be placed closer than in any other layout. The ship's boilers was located below the forward supersturcture. In order for the exhaust to escape, it was funneled around the superstructure before trucked in to a single stack, saving significant amount of space.
To further reduce the ship's length; secondary armament and torpedoes were mounted next to the barbettes of the main turrets with the exception of two superfiring 150mm guns in order to maximize broadside capability. The aircraft catapult was also located on top of turret #5 instead of having it at the stern. This decision was also done to shorten the ship by eliminating a dedicated aviation stern deck. It also provided better firing arcs for the main guns. The extra space allowed a total of three triple 155mm turrets to be mounted astern, two wing mounts and one centerline. The 155mm turrets were not originally intended but rather an addition made during mid-construction.

In order to keep the ship as cheap as possible, Estia uses a all-or-nothing armor scheme with all its vital components in a thick armored box. The belt along the citadel is 10m thick and the deck 3m thick. Both had additional decapping plate to blunt incoming projectiles. To improve buoyancy compared to the Arclight class, the citadel was designed to take as small of a volume as possible. And that included lowering the height of the armored deck resulting in the turrets being more exposed requiring larger barbettes. To make sure the barbettes not present itself as a vulnerable location, it was given 6m of armor. The turrets were of the same type as on the Arclight class, with over 9m of frontal armor, it can resist direct hits and remain operational. Additionally, the ship features a triple bottom along the length of its citadel providing added protection to grounding and magnetic torpedoes. To top it off, the ship have improved damage control capabilities in the form of better firefighting equipment and counter flooding capabilities.

One of the ways the ship achieved it higher freeboard was by mounting the turrets higher up, giving space below them for machinery. However the power demand was far higher than originally anticipated and a forward machinery room was added after sea trials. It is only given a meter of armor. Nonetheless, this addition gives the ship a high top speed of 33 knots. The only other area that breaks the all or nothing scheme is the rudder mechanisms which is protected by a meter of armor too. Secondary and dual purpose mounts have their barbettes protected too, regardless of where they are located.
These design features help the ship sit at a relatively reasonable length of 368m long. Although longer than anticipated and still the longest ship in service, it is much shorter than what it could have been. The compact citadel give the ship a high freeboard of 9m and unparalleled stability in high sea state, all the while cost less than the Arclight class.

The ship's main armament consists of seven quadruple 46cm L/50 ASG-7 guns, capable of penetrating over 3m of metal 4m beams with good post-penetration effects. Three triple 155mm L/60 ASG-11 guns are mounted aft providing a fast firing but effective anti-cruiser armament. Rounding off its anti-ship capability,there is a quintuple torpedo mount on either side of the ship with a set of reload each. Twelve twin dual purpose 150mm L/65 DPG-11 guns, eight twin 76mm L/83 AAG-8, and 109 AC/2 L3 guns complete the ship's AA suite. For night combat, the ship is equipped with four illumination guns.

The ship combines advances in fire control from the Reon and Azuro class heavy cruisers. A centralized radar-optical rangefinder tower, known as the ICFC-1 from the Azuro class and provides a protected centralized detection system backed up by the improved FCS-4 Mk.IV from the Reon which have better tracking capability than the Mk.III on many of the older ships. In addition, the Estia is the first and currently only ship in the navy to be equipped with the advanced REWR-8 radar warning system.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53230]

Although the Estia was intended as a stand alone ship, a second vessel was ordered with a planned redesigned turret placement. The magazine and munition handling facility was found to be too high in the ship. The thinner barbette could potentially be penetrated and strike the aforementioned areas leading to a potential catastrophic explosion. The revised design would lower the handling space so it is deeper in to the citadel where it is most protected. However machinery space is located below the handling facilities so the rearrangement is deemed a challenge. Engineers believe it is possible due to a new smaller engine which could reduce the space required allowing the handling space to be lowered. Alternatives has been suggested to thicken the barbette of the Estia, but this risk lowering the ship's freeboard and stability. Additionally, if the handling facilities were lowered, the barbette could potentially be thickened without increasing barbette diameter since only the hoists would be above the armored deck, which is comparatively small.

Being a relatively new ship, it has yet to see any action.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53234]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53233]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=53232]

Download here because forums won't let me upload the file:!9vIUAKgA!J6JQ8du1MKPFn...QzqJBAjKVg

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