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Hyperborean Oil - An air only fleet thread

Since I had no clue how to build a functional airship, and my aircraft were pretty sub-par, I decided to start a faction where I'm not allowed to have any naval units. This would force me out of my comfort zone, and force some experimentation with different layouts and designs. As another lore-based rule, I wanted to use exclusively fuel engines, due to the faction's focus on oil. 

The Hyperborean Oil Consortium is an oil trading faction operating out of one of Neter's coldest climates. Rich with oil deposits, this promised land was ripe for the profit... if it weren't for the fact that the freezing temperatures and low salinity of the water created a massive ice sheet, blocking almost all access from naval vessels.

But hey, ice doesn't get in the way of airships!

Beluga Cargo Blimp

First, the Beluga Cargo Blimp was made, so the newly accessed supply of oil could be properly transported.

[Image: B77D9F514972547E6E57B4C680630AC5AB7B53E2]

Sporting an engine that was "barely enough" and a decent sized cargo hold, the Beluga was seen as "good enough" by the admiralty, and was quickly rushed into production.

19563 material cost, no armament
Max speed: 38 m/s
120000 fuel storage, 108000 material storage

"The Patrol Phase"

To defend their new territory and trade routes, two patrol craft were made: The Whiteout series of light patrol airships, and the Blizzard heavy blimp.

The Whiteout was born out of necessity, and made to be cheap. Made in extreme numbers, these airships saw three major variations.

Whiteout Type A

The Type A was the first, and quickly made obsolete. 

[Image: 9766A6911F1EC01ABAFB759E5EA5B09EB5703D5B]

The first true offensive airship to ever see action, the Type A was a proof of concept, and a massive step forward for the navy. 
With very weak defenses, the Type A relied on its speed, sloping, and flight pattern to avoid shells. Not that it did this very well, but with the sheer number the navy could field, they didn't have to all survive.

10570 material cost
Bottom mounted twin 100mm autocannon, HESH shells
Max speed: 28 m/s
18000 fuel storage, 2000 material storage.

Whiteout Type B

With the success of the Type A, the Type B was made in an attempt to improve the under-performing weaponry of the first iteration.

[Image: 23C13D0D6EF758CB8A6474DCEE931C91D302DEDA]

With a 6 barreled 100mm, the Type B could put much more lead down range. This quickly became the most used version of the Whiteout, its slightly increased fire rate being deadly in numbers.

11202 material cost
Bottom mounted 6 barreled 100mm autocannon, HESH shells
Max speed: 29 m/s
18000 fuel storage, 2000 material storage.

Whiteout Type C

The Type C was made when slightly more armored targets began appearing on the sea. 

[Image: F485DA238A7846ADEBBEBA1C241D961384517415]

Sporting a dual 200mm, it was effective, but not as produced as its predecessor.

10852 material cost
Bottom mounted twin barreled 200mm autocannon, HESH shells
Max speed: 29 m/s
18000 fuel storage, 2000 material storage.

All three iterations had a very shoddy turret design, and relied on swarming to be effective.

Blizzard Patrol Leader

Rushed out to provide support to the Whiteout swarms, the Blizzard could put down a massive volley of ordnance for the time, but was plagued by many defensive issues. Low armor, poorly made turrets, etc.

[Image: 1851916A75AD902D68070CE6FE886DB1DE7EEF5E]

85378 material cost
Light shielding
Bottom mounted 6 barreled 100mm autocannon, HESH tracer shells
2x side mounted 100mm autocannons, HESH shells
Top mounted 200mm autocannon, Frag shells
Max speed: 33 m/s
216000 fuel storage, 28000 material storage.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Whiteout Type A.blueprint (Size: 82.98 KB / Downloads: 8)
.blueprint   Whiteout Type B.blueprint (Size: 75.99 KB / Downloads: 13)
.blueprint   Whiteout Type C.blueprint (Size: 80.81 KB / Downloads: 9)
.blueprint   Blizzard Patrol Leader.blueprint (Size: 294.02 KB / Downloads: 12)
.blueprint   Beluga Class Cargo Blimp.blueprint (Size: 75.75 KB / Downloads: 7)

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