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Lokagos-class air cruiser

So, i've been toying a bit with PIDs and came up with something interesting for air unit controls. It's actually a retrofit of some older designs of mine, improved with new possibilities from latest updates.

[Image: 9A8474A58C6148651AB712EF1375CB1891EE61C5]

I wanted something fast and agile enough to evade most artillery shells (APS or CRAM) by orbiting target quite close at high speed, so it boasts a satisfying 107 m/s (99~100 m/s when turning) for a turning radius around 600~700m. Sustentation is achieved via 4 turbines (spinblocks with heliblades all around) controled by 3 PIDs. The new update allows to "stack" control variables, so the 3 PIDs combine to allow control of pitch, roll, and altitude through the 4 turbines. Think quadcopter... except heavier. Two additional ACBs allow to switch between high(350m) and low (100m) cruise altitude with up and down arrow. The use of spinblocks allows to fit heliblades all around the center shaft, instead of only 4 for dedicated blades: it gives more compact designs with higher lift. Consumption remains also reasonable, about 7000hp for lifting a 7500tons unit.

[Image: 4EDF5571E0FDAD3244872E4E8DD2CC33FD85E71D]

Propulsion is also achieved via propellers; using spinblocks also, I managed to fit enough heliblades to go above 100m/s; takes helluva space though, and those huge blocks are quite vulnerable despite the use of heavy armor (which makes also the construct quite heavy...). In return, fuel comsumption remains reasonable for such design: expect around 6500hp eaten by propulsion at fullspeed.

[Image: 87C377EBA1BBC0D4E68CF9F3AC9FF30A7F0A314F]

Main gun goes down the road of the SpamGun Of Hell: 2 dual 250mm, HESH shells, combined RoF of 640 rpm... sustained! No pause, no nothing, it spits permanently death toward ennemy. Shells are small enough to remain mostly undetected by LAMS, their only weakness is monster shields, like multi-layered strength-10 systems... For now, tested against most campaign designs, no shield system can whithstand the sheer amount of firepower it delivers.

[Image: 3F87B1BA1CD313A947EF03209BC207656F5F3E3F]

The secondaries include a couple of quad-200 flak CIWS, small missiles (for AA), medium missiles (for anything big) and ASROCS (for ASW). All combined, it can deliver quite some punch at target. Unfortunately, they contribute to the price of the unit: north 380k ressources...

[Image: 34DADEBE60AADB0577A5D7D29C5155DF3D3B6476]

Shields automatically shift to port or starboard to match ennemy side; they are also adaptative: they switch to laser absorb when hit by energy weapon, and return automatically to reflect 1s later thanks to some new ACB controls. Still, it remain vulnerable to monster laser designs: TG Abyss will tear the hull appart through shields, and the speed actually renders the smoke mostly inefficient. Still, design like LH Scorpion will do only minimal damage, and TG Titan will barely scratch it.

There is a couple of "observation bays" port and starboard side, from which tou can control the vessel; they include a kinda "reticle" following the current target. Useless, but cool! Smile

[Image: 0D865C670016FFC564192086460E9102D5FAF282]

So, figures now:

length: 113m
Displacement: 7614 T
Blocks: 12178
Volume: 25144 m3
Cost: 382k (ouch!)
Power: 74400 HP, 350ppf @ max rate, peak consumption 200 fuel/sec.
Max speed: 107m/s

-2 dual 250mm guns, HESH shells, 367m/s, 320rpm
-2 quad 200mm anti air/missile CIWS, time-fused Flak shells, 468m/s, 240rpm
-2 x 16 small missile launchers, radar guided, HE heads
-2 x 12 medium missile launchers, radar guided, HE heads
-4 x 4 ASROCs launchers

dual-layers 3-strength adaptative shield, automatically switching side depending on target bearing
IR/radar decoys for missiles, rear launched
Anti-laser smoke dispensers
Medium-sized strategic antenna
Adaptative power management to assign battery charge according to available power (for laser absorb shields mode)
Chaff dispensers (automatically switch off when no enemy nearby)
Continuous LAMS, 43200HP power consumption

Accelerate/decelerate: U/J
Steer Port/Stbd: H/K
switch shields on in reflect/laser absorb mode: G/T
switch shields off: O (switched on automatically upon laser hit)
Roll port/starboard: Y/I
Set cruise altitude to 350m/100m: Up/Down arrow.

Tested in campaign, I won't say it frugal but fuel consumption remain very manageable, while it requires only small amount of ressources (evading most damage helps a lot)
I plan more units based on this design, smaller thing like destroyer or frigate, so any comment is welcome! Big Grin

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-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

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