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Steampunk style airships?

So I want to try a campaign where I use steampunk style ships.  My question is, without using dediblades, can I get the sort of lift I'm looking for?  I've played around with helium pumps, but they seem like they don'tt do very well in terms of lifting any guns, even with a largish bag seperated into pockets, and hot air balloons just go EVERYWHERE.  They seem immune to my ships actual structure.  Is there a better way?

PIDs? (+jet engines on the bottom)

(Unless that's not steampunk?)
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Blueprint thread: Probably going to re-do considering I'm re-doing a lot of my vehicles right now.

Well, you can still use jet engines or custom jets which provide quite some lift at the cost of fuel consumption. Ion thrusters don't provide enough power, you might need to put a huge amount to lift even a moderate unit.

Another solution is to use spinblocks with helicopter blades; you are not limited to 4 blades (you can pu 8 pcs around a single spinblock and stack some verticaly) so you can achieve a decent lift in a relatively tight space.
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Spinblocks can be controled by PIDs; several PIds can stack their signal to control a single spinblock. Here is an example of an air cruiser which flies this way; it weights about 7500 T and requires about 7000 HP for sustentation around 350m.

EDIT: here is a picture of the spinner alone, for clearer view. You can also make it shorter, wider or whatever depending on your design.
[Image: DACFAB26159B4F76473E23574DD3A003CBA7A80D]

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Heh. I guess the answer is no then. I'm going to avoid the jet engines for aesthetic reasons, but I guess I'll use the dediblades in the "gasbag" area. I can put helium pumps in there as well. I didn't know you could use 8 blades, I thought 4 was the limit. Useful information.

Actually, you can use even more than 8: you can fit up to 20 blades in a 5x5 space but you need to watch for obstructions or they can get stuck (unlike dediblades). Check the main propulsion of the construct I sent, it's same principle.
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

Remember that light blocks make spaces airtight without blocking turret rotation, so you can "seal" turret wells and use them as additional lift zones. Also you should consider using missiles and direct feed guns for their lower weight and unexplodeyness

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