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A plate of spaghetti I made today

Hi. I made a 78k ppf engine with 6 width, 4 height, variable length.
The example pictured below is 21m long and has 1600 power.

Jesus dude, use a image host like Imgur next time
-Anister, Supermod

The 4m section below the white(detail) coloured wood is the "start" section.
Below each black(primary)/red(secondary) coloured bit is a 5m "middle" section (you can place this one as many times as you like. You also don't have to put one at all. You can just place the end directly after the start.)
Finally, below the yellow(tertiary) wood is the 8m long "end" section.
Each section adds 400 power.

Start Section:
.blueprint   7.blueprint (Size: 49.42 KB / Downloads: 21)
Middle section: 
.blueprint   8.blueprint (Size: 49.62 KB / Downloads: 15)
End Section:
.blueprint   9.blueprint (Size: 50.18 KB / Downloads: 14)

What do you guys think?

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A plate of spaghetti I made today - by Sweet Jenny - 2019-07-08, 01:28 AM

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