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Hi all,

2.4.6 now moving from development branch to stable. Main focus has been performance improvements via multi-threading. A lot of testers are seeing extremely significant improvements in frame rate. The other focus has been on tidying up the main menu, in game menu and tutorial system. The breadboard system has seen a lot of improvements and a number of quite serious bugs have been addressed.

v2.4.6 [Add] <ACB>: ACB can now stop a sound block playing a sound
v2.4.6 [Add] <Block>: Mannequin block added. Options to automatically set pose still to come
v2.4.6 [Add] <Blocks>: A video block has been added (in Decoration)
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input with information about the flagship of the fleet
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input with information about the point the AI tries to steer towards
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added optional grid to the breadboards. Modules will snap to it if enabled
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Breadboards now evaluate off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Scroll wheel now zooms in and out on the breadboard
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: The 'del' key can now also be used to delete in- and output
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: You can now zoom in and out in the breadboard
v2.4.6 [Add] <Drills>: Drill bit/extension armour class is improved when drill is spinning
v2.4.6 [Add] <Environment>: Seagulls now circle vehicles and avatars (as well as the camera) when the opportunity arises
v2.4.6 [Add] <Environment>: You can now change the number of seagulls, or turn them off altogether
v2.4.6 [Add] <Game>: Added a cinematic block-by-block spawn option for vehicles in designer
v2.4.6 [Change] <AI>: Changed the maximum for the adjuster disable range setting of the charge behaviour to 2000m
v2.4.6 [Change] <APS>: Autoloaders save the shell they have chambered- this removes extra ammo usage on vehicle spawn
v2.4.6 [Change] <Controls>: You can now command an AI to attack a specific target (using E interface) regardless of if it has a target prioritisation card on
v2.4.6 [Change] <Game>: FTD no longer changes 'unity scenes' between different modes- it just cleans out rubbish from the old mode and loads in the new stuff. It's faster and more stable this way- but if any rubbish is left over, let us know.
v2.4.6 [Change] <Game>: Item thumbnails in the inventory now load asyncronosly so they do not pause the main thread when you change inventory page.
v2.4.6 [Change] <Menus>: Main menu and in game menus restyled
v2.4.6 [Change] <Sounds>: CW Laser sound now diminishes over time to to make it less annoying when constantly firing
v2.4.6 [Change] <Steam>: Steam engine crank parts have been moved to a different rendering system.
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: All projectiles are calculated off the main thread now
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Connection of block subsystems is now done off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Creation of chunked meshes is now done off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Pathfinding now allocates much less temporary memory
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Power creation, usage and controllable blocks all processed off the main thread now
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Rams are more efficiently processed now
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Some repair logic and all detection logic calculations calculated off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Terrain generation now runs much faster and with smaller memory allocations
v2.4.6 [Change] <Tutorials>: Game supports the use of 'gifs' in interactive tutorial scenes to help guide player- we've added one so far.
v2.4.6 [Change] <Tutorials>: On completion of a tutorial segment you are prompted to pick another one to complete (three options provided).
v2.4.6 [Change] <Tutorials>: Quizes have been removed from the tutorial content
v2.4.6 [Change] <Tutorials>: Tutorial content interface updated
v2.4.6 [Fix] <ACB>: ACB can now control the new GP-PIDs properly [BUGS-725]
v2.4.6 [Fix] <ACB>: Fixed [FTDSCRUM-288] ACB list of blocks to execute not updated properly with blocks added/removed to/from spinblocks
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Adventure mode>: Multiple bugs fixed for adventure mode. Moving through warp gates no longer needs to physically reposition everything in the world, which is nice.
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Breadboard>: Fixed A, B, C, D and E drives of the propulsion module all affecting the A drive
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Campaign>: [BUGS-887] Fixed a bug regarding the spawning of a vehicle with coloured particle cannon in campaign
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Drills>: Fixed a number of bugs with drills and made them more dangerous
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-322] out of play drones (of a mothership force) no longer have fuel costs associated with their movement
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Game>: [BUGS-322] out of play fuel consumption of forces now correctly stops when the force is not moving, and is proportional to the movement speed of the force
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Lua>: Lua errors are now logged in the Lua box again [BUGS-769]
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Map editor>: [BUGS-793] Fixed map editor error when adding a new weather system
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-629] Fixed LWCs not dropping bombs
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Modding>: The build guide capture, added in 2.4.5, now actually works
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: Blueprint spawners are now moderately supported in multiplayer- but not fully functional. Previously their spawns were not syncronised at all.
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Regressions>: [BUGS-924] Barrels of guns not placed forwards on the construct were rendered in wrong position
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed mimic rendering issue where the mesh normals were not correctly stretched
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Regressions>: Fixed threading issues affecting propulsion / control systems / physics that were created in
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Repairing>: [BUGS-948] Fixed repair bugs (the repair-self block's repair bots)
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Bless thee, eternal and sageceous Nick,
for bestowing us this patch to your most sacrosanct opus
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea -> Check it out here!

[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]


Nice performance upgrade indeed!

There are some issues though:
- reflectivity settings seem to have been reset
- Texture rendering seems borked for certain blocks when spawning in an existant blueprint, rendering blocks a solid black. (see image)
So far I've spotted it with reinforced wood and iron stairs. when i place a block or replace a block of the same kind, all blocks of that kind suddenly render correctly.
- Game freezes and has to be forced quit when i load my current campaign. The world loads, i see the unspawned vessel outlines, maybe a couple of frames more, and then it stops.

(2019-06-27, 09:56 PM)Emmy Wrote: - Game freezes and has to be forced quit when i load my current campaign. The world loads, i see the unspawned vessel outlines, maybe a couple of frames more, and then it stops.

The same happens when I aggro a tile garrison, the game locks up as soon as the garrison tries to spawn. This is on a custom campaign though.

It's still an impressive list of fixes and additions though, some important fixes and a sizeable performance boost.

i noticed sometimes gun on fast moving tanks (+45m/s) are tend to hit itself

the shells explode right after leaving the barrel and knocking of the last barrel piece
(the shell speed is over 900m/s)
like's strange music Tongue

nice Smile

Bullshark and Retaliator don't crash anymore the game when their magazines explode: may ya be blessed guys for this. Great job on the performance update!

Some issue with complex controller and boat rudder still occurs though: after a while at fighting, the construct doesn't respond to manual steering, while it does to AI.
I'm posting the construct where it's the most noticeable, but it happens with other ones too.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Projet LAC - V30.blueprint (Size: 373.02 KB / Downloads: 1)
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

Hmm somethings off...

[Image: R7N0O4P.png]

This went a way after i tried to quit and then it crashed. I'll post a bug report if it repeats itself. Quite funny when gunbarrels and other bits suddendly detach themselves.

Edit: Also i am having black texture issues when spawning blueprints first time. They all turn proper colour on all ships, when you place same block anywhere on your ship. Almost all mod blocks seem to suffer from this.

Reinforced decking blocks have broken textures .The wood side are all black.

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[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

(2019-06-28, 08:03 PM)afjklol Wrote: Reinforced decking blocks have broken textures .The wood side are all black.

Same thing with blocks from mods. Colour returns when placing 1 instance of same block :b

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