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is it possible to make water 'darker'?

i don't want to see the parts that are underneath draft line 

i've tried everything(graphic options..., texture replacer., etc) to edit the opacity of water. but i couldnt

i want to see my ship looks like this picture.

[Image: 1280px-Battleship_USS_Iowa_at_the_Port_o...ngeles.jpg]

In the campaign editor you can change the water colour and ambience as you like.

compare: My Age of Sail Custom Campaign
[Image: A95271CDBE43DE91C95DBB541DA3560E2332F496]
Stock Neter
[Image: ?imw=637&imh=358&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter...erbox=true]

If you want to have precise instructions you'll need to give me a while before I get a correct draft together.

Quick Edit: As for Opacity; I'll need to look into that
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea -> Check it out here!

[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]


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