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Long term plans for Campaign and Adventure mode?

(2019-06-27, 05:21 AM)ABYAY Wrote: I'm not 100% sure where you're getting at with this point since the active campaigns try to utilize proper designs within faction standards. If you're referring to awkward craft such as spacecraft outside of Scarlet Dawn, that would be a conflict of lore. I may be missing the point of this entirely.

I think what he means here is that the campaign is a core part of the game, the place where you put all your designs to use, so it's odd to see campaign improvements constantly being tossed out as a low-priority thing.

(2019-06-27, 05:21 AM)ABYAY Wrote: Strategic AI will once again alleviate this. In theory, it will allow opposing factions to assess the player's fleets and send craft to counteract said fleets. In fact if you check the designs in the planet editor now there has been long-standing evidence that this was intended to be added. You'll notice a few odd settings about certain player fleets with an adjustable value. As for where fleets come from, the current makeup of the game forces HQs to send out fleets, not just structures at resource zones. Perhaps I can convince Nick to make a subsidiary fleet type that isn't counted as an HQ but still produces fleets. Alternatively it would require multiple HQs per faction. I'm testing this right now with a faction on Terrus.

Multiple HQs per faction works well. In my CC I have one faction with 6 HQs. But the AI also needs to actually build infrastructure (like new bases and fortresses) to expand and reinforce their territory instead of just fleets. It would make the AI factions feel less static (and actually help them to survive instead of being gradually worn down over time).

(2019-06-27, 05:21 AM)ABYAY Wrote: The problem is making the trigger system work.

You can actually achieve a lot using triggers and events. The problem is, triggers and events tend to be one-off, you cannot loop them. You can trigger a fleet or structure to spawn but, you cannot respawn it once destroyed, for example. With a respawn event (or looped spawns from blueprint file instead of existing fleet), you can already simulate stuff being "rebuilt" or "expanded" based on conditions and triggers. Looped spawning/respawning is just an example I've been tinkering with though, there's a lot more you can do with it.

Sorry if I complain about the campaign a lot, it's just that there's so much unexploited potential and innovation in the campaign modes.

(2019-06-27, 08:48 AM)CrimeanChimera Wrote: Sorry if I complain about the campaign a lot, it's just that there's so much unexploited potential and innovation in the campaign modes.

That's a pretty good summary of this thread Smile

Also, I can across this perusing the request tracker. Dropped a like and a comment. This might warrant looking into?

Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea -> Check it out here!

[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]


Took a glance at the Reddit AMA and found this (excuse the messy copy-paste):


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6 days ago

What are your long term plans for the game, what kind of changes can we expect to see?

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Lead Developer
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6 days ago

   Strategic AI for the campaign. Move away from garrisons completely and have dynamic fleets that respond based on their strengths and weaknesses.

   One last push to make the story missions fun and engaging

   Get all the multiplayer modes working. Play test them, make some new modes.

   Get adventure mode and any other modes that are not currently networked to be networked. Probably with the exception of story missions but.. maybe it could work.

   I would like to do something fun with White Flayers. I'm thinking loads of flying melee drones. Perhaps create some new kamikaze melee weapons for them. Make them a bit like the "Zerg". Keep the buzzsaw and similar larger melee vehicles.

   as mentioned above I am interested in a Battle Royale mode

   Streamline the campaign so there is 3 difficulty levels not 4, which will make it easier to maintain the stock of faction vehicles

   More polish of the stuff that is already in game

   More multi-threading and performance improvements

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6 days ago
· edited 6 days ago

Two quick campaign questions, are you planning on adding supply fleets for the AI? Because I'd really love to run commerce raids or something similar.

Will the map change to accommodate the more strategic AI?

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Lead Developer
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6 days ago

I think it should be possible to set that up yes. Fleets that go between the RZ harvesting fleets of the enemy and their HQ.

The map will probably stay pretty much the same, I think


So yes, campaign improvements is definitely in the pipeline! Along with some other cool stuff too. It's more long-term plans but I'm hopeful that we'll see some improvements before this planet of ours completes it's current lap around the sun.

FtD is also slated to leave Early Access around late September.

Yeah, I'd already seen that. Immediately took away a big swathe of my worries Smile

I'm very happy to see there are going to be improvements for sure. So I guess my position has changed from whining for changes to giving ideas and feedback on how I'd like hte campaign to be in the end.

The request tracker I pointed at above has some nice ideas to overhaul the economic aspects of the strategy campaign. I also offered my own take there.
In the end, it would be nice to also have plenty of non-combat management elements in there to add another layer. Like, fleet logistics is already implemented via local resources. The proposed idea there was to add a layer of functionality to delivering the supply and extracting raw resources.
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea -> Check it out here!

[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]


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