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Long term plans for Campaign and Adventure mode?

Leafing through the discord (devtest_feedback) today it would seem there is the idea going around that the campaign aspect of the game might get slightly toned down due to lack of manpower to keep designs updated.

As such, a small reactionary post aimed at the development team of from the depths.
To put it mildly, I think that's a real shame - To me the campaign mode has always seemed like the hub of activity around which the rest of the game was centered, being strictly a modestly skilled singleplayer. I'm not certain at this point whether these rumours are true, but at least let me offer some counterpoint as someone who's always loved the campaign and adventure mode aspects of the game more than anything else -alongside of course, building stuff in function of the campaign; but who thinks they could still be so much more.

From what I've heard, from the depths after these many years is slowly getting to a point where it is in an advanced pre-release state. I'd like to ask whether the following is up for consideration; when all the stat balancing, bugfixing and optimisation is over with, a lot of designs will likely need to be redone. this has happened again and again in the past years. however, could that final hiatus not be used, while everything is being fixed into definitive state, to overhaul the campaign in the background in concord with these final design updates?

Consider that the main focus of the game is designing complicated warmachines within an impressive variety of niches- does it not follow that putting them to actual use in an RTS-like environment on a world map to conquer with other preset hotrod stylised warmachines goes hand in hand with that as being the core of the game?

A lot of complaints with the campaign mode I have seen so far are lack of challenge, its dull grinding nature, and other issues stemming way back to the very first iteration of this game mode. I think this is not a sign it should be toned down, I think it could do very well for the game if this gamemode got a long overdue update of its own, after having been so neglected from a functional viewpoint for so long.

Having the AI send tailored fleets against the player is one great thing. It would be even cooler if there were actual worthwhile spots on the map worth fighting over; if the tiles were not just garrisoned by patrols, but if retaliatory strikes tailored to the forces that conquered the tiles would be sent from the nearest harbour, sub pen or airfield!

Using triggers and the present framework, all of that is technically within grasp already. And it would make a lot of difference to keep players on their toes I feel.

But you could easily go beyond that. On the forum there is a great post of self-imposed rules by an advanced player, which ties a progression tree into the amount of land conquered and different tiers of shipyards that must be build before vessels of different sizes can be build.

In large part the snowballing and boredom of the campaign is due to there being no pressure on the player; Not much invective to design. tie the availability of technology and vessel types into RTS-like build trees of research centers, dockyards and bases. Get them to build stuff, that is what the game is all about. And it's all the merrier when it has to happen as a challenge to fit within the neccesities of a tense ongoing conflict, not just as a meta roflstomp designer to show of on the workshop.

And at the very next level, tie all of this into the need to expand and make playthrough choices of what areas to progress in most.

Honestly, the campaign could be so much more than a passing curiosity for budding players.

From the Depths is the best custom vehicle designing sandbox wargame out there. I am still in owe of the prowess and Vision Nick has put into this, now alongside many other talented people. But one of the few ways to make it even more awesome I feel; Is to give a valid drive and context to design those vehicles in, and to put them to use in.

And when all is said and done, pls fix adventure mode Tongue
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