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DWG - "Rapier Retrofit" (Light Assault Watercraft)


Volume: 1970m^3
Materials: 27717 materials
Speed: 25m/s


While already a well performing craft, some Rapier captains have taken to applying some upgrades to their craft for optimal performance. These upgrades take advantage of the Rapier's high speed and maneuverability to further advantage it as a highly effective assault vehicle. A highly notable addition was the incorporation of a pirated LAMs system, a rare find among the DWG. Further changes include a beefed up CRAM cannon, additional rams on the front for extra damage, and the exchange of the Rapier's laser guided missiles for radar based ones.

This turns the Rapier Retrofit into a high risk, high reward vessel. When used effectively, it can dodge CRAM shells, chase and ram vessels, or easily take on a mid range skirmish by dodging or negating enemy fire, while delivering equally powerful blows via it's own cannon and missiles.

P.S. This is my first submission. I hope it's up to standard. If not, I'll keep improving and come back when it's up to scratch.

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