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Why is my ships not going at full thrust

My ship when manually driven can go at a top speed of 40 knots. I don't have any skill points added, so no boost or whatever. BUT when AI controls it, it have 'current drive: 0.63" or something and makes only up to 30 knots. Like why?!
What is the point. I can't find a way to turn this "feature" off. Who thought it was a good idea. Why would I set my propulsion to full power and have that many propellers if I didn't want the speed!? Clearly I want that speed but the AI goes and derp around going slow af.
I searched everywhere. I turned off PIDs. I replaced the props. I replaced the AI core. But it still happens.

And it also likes to make half my propellers move backwards no matter how I set its drive factors. I have 3 on a spinblock so I can angle the propeller shaft and stop wheelies. However the AI gets confused and make them go backwards, going against my other propellers. The drive factor does nothing. What's the point of drive factor if it won't freaking reverse the AI movement command?!

Do anyone have a solution to this. I don't expect much of a response since forums is still as dead as ever. But its desperation, my frustration have peaked and I need help.

EDIT: The AI also refuses to turn. When I manually turn the ship, the AI completely stops unless I press U.
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Why is my ships not going at full thrust - by afjklol - 2019-06-08, 02:47 AM

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