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Submarines and PIDs

First thread did not appear, so here I go again:

My friend and I built a big submarine and I am trying to get it to float/dive with the PID and airpumps.
The thing is, I don't know how to set this up, sometime I try something it sinks, then it does not, and I am very confused how this system actually works.
Yes, there are a lot of tutorials for submarines, but I only found some two year old tutorials, which show a very different PID UI than now, and I cant get behind the new system.

So is there a way to dive controlled in a submarine just using airpumps and PIDs without the use of hydrofoils?
And if yes, how is it set up?

What part of the UI are you struggling with?  the PID UI is relatively unchanged from what it was, but how it is accessed and how PID blocks are setuphas changed as it has been integrated into the new AI UI.
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