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Beltfed vs 1M Loaders with two 5x5 Optimal Turrets

(2019-06-18, 08:44 PM)Nooby Wrote:
(2019-06-14, 11:49 AM)TinGoose Wrote: You should place at least 2 input feeders for each clip section to make "time to clip" time equal to "time to loader", so your rate of fire will not drop that drastically when clips are empty. It should improve performance of the second cannon.

This is only true if you want to fire for an infinite time. If your battles do not last an infinite amount of time then this is a bad assumption that will cost you DPS. 

This gun can fire at 100% dps for 5 mins and 86% for 9 mins 40, assuming 100% constant fire, no time to select new targets.

This is always superior in fights that last less than 15 mins against guns with two inputs. Inputs are very volume intensive for 1m size guns.

This gun fires 142 mm shells with sabot body / sabot body / AP Cap., As I did find that was best.

actually whether it's true or not depends on the DPS values of both guns at a given %.  The issue with your 5 min 100% then 10 min 86% is that the overall DPS is always lower than the other weapon (which is technically operating at 100% for an unstated time and then about 50% indefinitely) the problem for 100%/86% gun is that the RPM of 100%/50% is higher at all times. Rather than being volume intensive, inputs are what define your theoretical maximum sustained rate of fire (assuming you don't bottleneck on cooling or autoloaders)

for these two weapons, 100/86 is bottle-necking (eventually) on the input feeders.  there would probably be an immediate gain in initial and sustained RPM simply by adding more input/clip/feeder groups, or increasing the number of inputs at the expense of clips.  Ostensibly the only reason to utilize standard auto-loaders here is sustained rate of fire unless specifically going for low ammo draw.  in which case anything that doesn't contribute to a better steady-state RPM is a DPS volume inefficiency.

for 100/50 it actually appears to bottleneck on the belt loader load/reload cycle.  given the size of these weapons, this is probably what you actually want.  because this weapon has more inputs, you're theoretical max sustained ROF is around 230 which is only achievable if there is zero downtime for the inputs.  One of the key benefits of auto-loaders is that, generally they perform best at the balance point between maximum burst fire and maximum reload speed.  you're either bottle-necking on the time it takes to fire a full magazine, or the time it takes to reload a full magazine.
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