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Beltfed vs 1M Loaders with two 5x5 Optimal Turrets

[Image: sxEDyTD.png]
These fire 142 mm sabot shells

These are two 5x5 turrets, one beltffed with 12 beltfeeders, 1 clip each and 5 inputs per clip. It has a burst RPM of 308 and sustained ~ 160. it required a constant and high ammunition input, for small ships requireing many ammo processors. It is not very explodey. It costs 2455 res.

The other turret is standard loader fed, with 19 loaders with 3 clips per loader and one input feeder. This turret can sustain fire for 5 mins at 150 RPM then  at 122 RPM for 9 mins 40 seconds then 91.5 RPM indefinitley. It holds so many rounds that it does not require much ammunition supply during battle, eliminating the need for ammunition processors making it free to fire. It is very explodey. it cost 1980 res.

What one would you chose? Why?

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Beltfed vs 1M Loaders with two 5x5 Optimal Turrets - by Nooby - 2019-05-31, 10:33 PM

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