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Ace Combat - 30k Fighter Jets Tournament [Finished]

[Image: ACAH_DLC_212.jpg]

Preliminary Rules:
•30k Max materials
•Must be two aircraft that cost less than 15k each (You can send me one blueprint for 15k and I'll spawn 2 if you want)
•Your entry must be able to significantly damage itself in a mirror match (more than 5% health in 2 minutes)

•Jet engines only (custom or normal)
•Jets must be placed facing forwards (No turning thrusters allowed)
•Must stay between 100 and 500 meters altitude
•No more than 10 total control surfaces per plane (aileron,tailplane, etc.)
•Warp is banned

•APS and Missiles are the only allowed weapon systems
•APS cannons must be placed facing forwards
•1 meter mantlets only
•Banned shell types: grav ram, flak
•Railguns are banned
•LAMs are banned

•Shields are banned
•All repairs are banned

•No in-battle resources will be required or provided

AI settings
•No Lua (Missiles or AI)
•Max altitude: 500
•Min altitude: 100
•Max range of 3 km (your entry should stay within this distance of the enemy most of the time)
•Detection equipment is required (automatic detection set to 0.0)
•"Roll to turn if angle is over" must be set to 30 or lower
[Image: 2NTNv8R.png]

•No blueprint file text editing
•If unsure as to whether you're doing something cheaty, you probably are, and should scale it back

•Does not have to resemble a real life aircraft (can be fantasy, futuristic, ect.)
•Does have to be an aircraft of some kind (No ftd-physics abominations)
•Points will be awarded for Aestherics (see below)

Tournament Format
•Two rounds of matches (everyone gets 2 fights)
•First round is random match-up
•Second round will pair opponents by closest score from first round
•Top scoring entries after round 2 move on to championship

•Matches are two fights each
•One point per victory (ties get 0.5 each)
•Two points for aesthetics/spirit split based upon voting (vote will be on discord to prevent shenanigans)

•Are closed

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