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So FTD may have bricked my graphics card.

I'm usually the last person to make angry threads about bugs in games, but just yesterday, I opened up FTD. I hadn't played in a while, but I felt like building something so I opened it up and started on a new ship. However, when I tried to load a subconstruct I'd made a while ago, my whole computer instantly hard crashed, total shutdown. At first, I was just annoyed that my work was now gone, and wondering what could have caused it. However, when I turned my computer back on, the monitor stayed dark, though the rest of the computer seemed to be working. After examining inside the box, the graphics card's fans were not turning. I unplugged the graphics card and hooked the monitor cable up to the integrated graphics, and then it started up just fine.

My graphics card, however, seems to now be useless. It's LEDs come on, but it doesn't function. I have no idea what's wrong with it. If I find out, or manage to get it working, I'll let you know. It's possible it was just a coincidence, but this is a pretty new card that has been working perfectly so far, and then when I went to play FTD, my computer suddenly hard crashes and it's now useless.
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So FTD may have bricked my graphics card. - by Unhinged mechanic - 2019-05-31, 08:58 PM

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