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My first t3 engine attempt

It's got a LOT of room for improvement.  After I built it, I went on here and pulled a few examples of other people's t3 engines and saw quite a bit I could change.

1600 power, but it takes up a 7W x 3H x 12L binding box.  Pipes are color coded.  Green pipes are the initial exhaust collection from the cylinders, Red is where the exhausts feed into the start of the long turbo chain.  Pink/purple is where it exhausts out of the end of the turbo chain.  It gets the full three turbo power per fuel from 84% load to 100% load.

Feel free to suggest improvements.  I for one feel like I'm wasting space with some of the exhaust connections, especially since it wouldn't be hard to add a 3rd Cylinder and 2nd Carburetor to each 'cluster' so far, meaning I'd need a lot less exhaust connections to hit the maximum usable exhaust count.

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.blueprint   PROTO T3 FOR FORUM.blueprint (Size: 72.23 KB / Downloads: 22)

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My first t3 engine attempt - by Greyfell - 2019-05-31, 02:18 AM

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