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Keeping large injector engines cool.

I have one particular question: How do you keep large-scale injector engines cool?
So, here's a little backstory:
I was messing around with project tokamak (my laser armed battlecruiser) and decided to test fire it. I've tried with 3Q and 4Q lasers. With 4Q, it immediately overheated. 3Q, it ran for a bit before overheating as well. These engines were similar to the Iron Cordon in terms of their engine layout, and actually had more exhaust ventilation. I've tried many things, and nothing seems to work. I'VE EVEN REDONE THE ENTIRE EXHAUST SYSTEM, and it still isn't working. May I have some feedback and stuff on this topic? Tyvm. (Also, i had tested it with just 1 laser combiner and it ran fine on 3Q.)
(EDIT: I've redone the engines, and it seems to be working better now. However, it still runs into the occasional overheat problem.)
(Another thing: Is it a bug that when my engines overheat all of my fuel dissapears?)

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Keeping large injector engines cool. - by space1724 - 2019-05-31, 01:41 AM

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