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Heavy Armour

So basically I made a huge airship out of heavy armour. It looks insane but it's a tad... heavy. I realise making the whole thing out of heavy armour was probably a stupid idea and now, no matter how many heliblades I use, it's nowhere near taking off. Is there any way that you can take ships and convert them into other materials? Say, metal or alloy, because I really don't want to have to make this whole thing again.

i had an air ship with a mass off over 360.000 and it had plentz of extra lift (could lose 30% of its deliblades with out tilting, with only 50% of its deliblades it still manages to stay airborne)

, but the energy consumtion is insane 220.000 energy just to lift that thing.

so yeah if u want it to be useable going full heavy armor is not possible for big air-/ship.

for normal big ships i tend to go with 2-4layers alloy with an heavy armor inlay (1-2 layers)
like's strange music Tongue

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