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Fortresses in special fleets

Did a lot of updating on my blueprints and also started updating and tinkering around with my custom campaign. I added some special fleets that spawn single fortresses with a sizeable spawn chance. My question is: will the AI actually spawn these fortress fleets according to the spawn chance? And if they do, will these fortresses actually move to empty resource zones or will they just be sent to attack me like other fleets?

What dictates the spawning of special fleets anyway? Do they just spawn like generic fleets according to their spawn chance or is there specific conditions connected to them? I never actually monitored what sort of fleets spawned in previous campaigns.

Special fleets are put in the pool of spawning chances for basic fleets and other spawning fleets. You can adjust their spawn chance as well. With the new AI changes you can now designate an AI other than "Resource Harvesting". For example you could use "Point At" and it'll abide by that. I've done testing and it has been successful. I haven't tried something like broadsiding but it may be possible to do this too.
Terrus Asunder, my custom campaign

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I did some testing over the weekend, and yes, AI factions will spawn fortresses if they are included in special fleets. But as I suspected, such fortress fleets are simply sent to attack the player or reinforce tiles just like any other fleet, instead of being sent to empty resource zones.

There's currently just no way to make the campaign AI more dynamic unfortunately, seems like something only the dev can do. Maybe I should start looking into modding...

(2019-05-27, 12:47 PM)CrimeanChimera Wrote:  Maybe I should start looking into modding...

Yeah good luck because i havent seen even a single mod that changes the editor or the campaign even in a slightest.

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