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[BUG, check post] 2m autoloader claiming blocks for AC in wrong spots around it.

First off, the bug tracker simply refuses to let me post a bug / post. It isn't giving me reason either ("unable to post" - that's it). The discord invite link is invalid so I don't have a way to do this the proper way.

Version: v2.4.5.6.

There is a bug when it comes to detecting what blocks belong to what weapon, specifically how autoloaders detect direct neighboring blocks for advanced cannons, causing inconsistency.
Specific case:
The blueprint included below has two AC's stacked on top of each other like the following:
[Image: gPR265k]
(may this not work, link:

The rightest squares represent the AC block. The longer squares represent the autoloaders, with the green dots being connection points (origin block of full block) and red dots points that don't count as such. This should mean that both cannons always get their own row since the autoloaders aren't technically connected. However, as shown in the vid below, this is not the case.
My guess to the cause:
(Situation 1) The the autoloaders connect to each other, even though the connection points don't line up. And since the top cannons get to claim blocks first, it gets all autoloaders. Once the bottom cannon picks, there are no loaders left, so it won´t have any. (situation 2) Once you remove the top loaders, the connection to the top cannon breaks, causing the bottom cannon to claim the bottom row. Then, once you place the top loaders back in, the top cannon checks for all available loaders, and only claims the top row, since the bottom row is already claimed. Once you pull and push the vessel, situation 1 happens. The video shows this in action.
However, there are two things with this guess:
  1. If you remove and replace the bottom row, situation 1 (top cannon getting all loaders) still occurs. The cannons won't properly split as in situation 2.
  2. Placing back the top row of the autoloaders (as shown in vid), does not cause the bottom gun to claim those the moment they're placed.
I get why the claiming / detecting parts is coded this way. The issue doesn't lie to what weapon claims what parts first, it's that weapon parts (2m autoloaders in this case) claim parts around them that they shouldn't do in the first place.

EDIT ::  situation 2 update :  Only removing the loader connected to the top gun does not cause situation 2. all loaders have to be replaced.

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[BUG, check post] 2m autoloader claiming blocks for AC in wrong spots around it. - by ItsSander - 2019-05-11, 10:25 PM

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