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Subconstruct IDs (solved)

There is a high probability this is a stupid question, as my Lua knowledge is basic..
Before the last update, you could simply hover over a spin block or piston in build mode and see "Spin Block ID:###," then stick that ID into your code manually to make sure it is talking to the correct spinner/piston. This was handy for simple scripts that are meant to do just one thing on one vehicle. Since the update, the ID no longer shows up and I cant find it anywhere in the new sub construct GUI.
Is there a new way of finding subconstruct IDs?

Edit: Found it. If you hit MMB and hover over the little sub construct icons at the bottom of the menu in the top right, it shows the ID #s.

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Subconstruct IDs (solved) - by SgtToothpaste - 2019-05-09, 10:20 PM

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