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Some one please just help with AI

Please. For the love of god just help.
What in the world. I have my old ships with the automatically converted AI. They have all the wrong settings but worst of all, they just move around when NO ENEMY is around. They just move for no reason! And it's AI because when I turn off AI, it stops moving.
After awhile I tried setting PIDs to none for my new carrier conversion. But it decides that it won't control thrust AT ALL instead.

On my ships that I didn't touch, they keep moving for no reason and obviously with all the wrong AI settings.
Some ships I did change the setting but kept PIDs, they all act inconsistently. One of my old DDG works seemingly fine other than the fact it moves when no enemy is around. My smaller patrol vessels doesn't move but rudders turn the ship. Another only moves when enemy goes too close to maintain range. But otherwise just sits around doing nothing.

It's been awhile and after several updates and this stuff still happens. Is this a feature or a bug? At this point I can't freaking tell. Am I doing something wrong? Is AI even ready? Is it fixed? Is there a guide?! I want to at least know wtf is going on. I searched around to see to see if people got suggestions. That's when I found the PID solution, but now my carrier doesn't move AT ALL other than turn its rudder.
Just tell me its bugged, and I will leave the game for awhile until its fixed. If its a feature, tell me how any of this even work, because clearly the setting is saying one thing but its doing something else.

At this point i'm just going to use ACB for AI instead of using the default AI.
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I observed the same, ships constantly moving/steering seems to be the "normal" behaviour for ships under AI control now. Only way to stop it would be to make use of ACBs/breadboards/LUA I guess.

They do stop moving if they're exactly on top of their last fleetmove waypoint (the distance to final waypoint setting doesn't work) but, as you've mentioned, they still try to steer with rudders and bow/stern thrusters even if stopped.

So no one has a solution?
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

(2019-05-14, 10:26 PM)afjklol Wrote: So no one has a solution?

Well, I have been fiddling around with the AI settings and got my ships to stop. First off, this comment of mine...

(2019-05-09, 10:15 AM)CrimeanChimera Wrote: (the distance to final waypoint setting doesn't work) incorrect, it does work, just not too well for very large or very fast ships. 200m max idle distance is too narrow and fast/large ships tend to pass the 200m threshold and then try to go around constantly.

To get your ships to stop, go to the manoeuvre settings, set the wander distance to zero and set waypoint radius/distance and idle distance to max (500m and 200m respectively). Ships will stop once they reach their final fleetmove waypoint (they will always return to their final fleetmove waypoint).

In fact, helicopters/VTOLs work pretty well now. If you set wander distance to zero, they hover in position instead of flying around.

Even if ships stop, they will still try to turn though, no way to stop that from happening.

EDIT: Another thing: If your ships don't move at all, check your propulsion components, especially main propulsion. There's a bug that keeps on resetting translational movement settings no matter what you set it to, especially for forward/backward movement. If this is the case, add a breadboard and configure it so that the AI uses main propulsion instead of forward/backward translational movement. There's currently no other way to overcome the bug (that I know of). Any small edit on a perfectly working vehicle can cause the bug to appear.

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