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DD1 Galahad A Request for a Critique

[Image: uEVpK4z.jpg]

Been a while since I've been on the forums with a design, figured I'd get back into the swing of things with something on the small side. This destroyer is more meant to be built in number, with a capability to support and escort larger ships, mainly by serving as a platform for the heavy missile launcher and the CIWS. However, in the test runs that I've put it through to make sure the AI behaves correctly, it is certainly a potent force by itself.
  • Two twin mount 179mm gun turrets
  • One twin mount heavy missiles launcher. This was a fun one, built it on an extending piston that lifts the missile turret up and out of its little housing that goes into the deck.
  • One six barrel 30mm CIWS turret. Uses AP capped shells with tracer bases. Tests show promising intercept rate, of about 2/3 of incoming missiles shot down, although this was achieved on a stationary test bed.
  • Capable of achieving ~34 m/s with two steam engines each turning a 3m propeller.
Would like to know what people think about my design, how it could be improved and such. I will acknowledge that aesthetically it is poor, but that's more on me not being particularly artistic.

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DD1 Galahad A Request for a Critique - by BulletAngel1 - 2019-05-04, 07:24 AM

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