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Basic controls tutorial

Heya Nick! Just (trying) to come back to the game after a long, long time away. Having forgotten most of how to play, I decided to run through the tutorials. While they are certainly helpful in a number of ways, what I dislike about them is that while they tell you WHAT to do, they often don't tell you WHY you're doing it. For example, I just completed the "Basics of Resources" tutorial, and it, like a few of the others, just tells you "Enter build mode, select X item, place item in highlighted location". Nothing about what the item is, what it does, why you need one, why you need to place 3 or 4 rather than one, etc...

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Basic controls tutorial - by Nick Smart - 2019-05-03, 06:06 PM
RE: Basic controls tutorial - by Targa - 2020-05-27, 08:50 PM

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