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Indien-Panther replica!

Lamb, it has been a while since i posted. 2 years, to be exact. to celebrate my birthday (and losing every creation i've made) i made this little replica! i have no idea how anything works anymore (the wheels extending really threw me off HAHAHAHA) but i tried my best. i think i'm gonna build a submarine from red alert soon.

NOT to scale. i made it kinda like proportional to the avatar than anything. 

[Image: G2TSClZ.jpg]

[Image: tudvoWG.jpg]
any criticism/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Attached Files
.blueprint   Indien-Panzer.blueprint (Size: 62.61 KB / Downloads: 6)
The problem with testing against your own creations is that you don't know which one to change.

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Indien-Panther replica! - by Depth0Astator - 2019-05-02, 01:43 PM

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