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Lua API request: Wave height

I like what I'm seeing with the AI/breadboard. Lots of potential/flexibility that reminds me a lot of my own AI/behavior scripts. (And I'm sure that being an in-game vanilla feature, it means they're implemented far more efficiently Tongue)

Though Lua still rules for compact designs...

Any chance of giving Lua scripts access to wave height? Something similar to GetTerrainAltitudeForPosition? Or something that returns the higher of terrain and wave height at a given point? Similar to the PID input options...

Or better yet, a function that takes a point and a vector (the Z components of which will be ignored) and returns the highest wave/terrain over the line segment that is formed by the two?

float GetMaxWaveOrTerrainAltitudeForLine(Vector3 origin, Vector3 direction)

I'm sure that can be done far more efficiently (and accurately) in-game rather than sampling multiple points within Lua.

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Lua API request: Wave height - by ZerothAngel - 2019-04-28, 06:40 PM

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