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Island naming competition

I guess I won't even have to mention Everest and Kilimanjaro, they're the most obvious. Since most posts seem to be locations in the northern hemisphere, I'll go down south.

First one:

Drakensberg - South Africa - 3482m

Resources would be predominantly gold, SA's northern regions is known for it's vast gold deposits, and basalt if it is to have a use in FS.

City name - "Dragon's Peak" (Drakensberg means "Dragon's Mountain" in Afrikaans)

Coincidentally, Drakensberg was the highest peak in the world after the flood in the film "2012". It is also regarded as the location of dry land in the film "Waterworld" - as per fan lore.

Second one:

Brandberg - Namibia - 2573m

Resources would include iron, diamonds and uranium. Other gemstones is also common in the area.

City name - three possibles - "City of Fire" (Brandberg means "Mountain of Fire" in Afrikaans) or "Konigstein" (the name of it's highest peak, "King's Stone" in German) or "Daures" (also "Mountain of Fire" in Damara)

Brandberg is a dormant volcano and almost entirely formed by magma (molten rock, not the forum user), it can therefore pass as a location of geological activity in FS. It's appearance is prominent, being one of the few peaks in a flat, arid landscape and almost completely circular in satellite images.

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