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Rejigging the AI a bit

(2019-04-16, 03:12 PM)moonruner Wrote:
(2019-04-16, 02:18 PM)Nick Smart Wrote:
(2019-04-16, 02:12 PM)moonruner Wrote: Questions.

Manoeuver, Additional, and PID; would they be integrated into Adjustments?
How many number of Behaviours are  finaly available do you think now?
How do you think about changing AI parameter by ACB?

I am expecting AI will be better and better.

No they won't be integrated.

There will eventually be a lot, and there will be a focus on routines that call other routines, for example swapping from broadside into ramming based on certain criteria.

ACB will be able to change AI parameters yes

thx for answer

I haven't get diference of Adjustment and Manoeuver and others. I afraid if I forget which tab items are in.

I expected behavious would be changeable, so Im happy to hear that.

I will try and clarify the differences in the game with a block diagram on the AI tab, or something.
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Been out for a few days, but I'm quite happy to see these changes. More ramming of enemies and less ramming of terrain sounds great!
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