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FFG-1 Fearless (Criticism Welcome)

(2019-04-16, 03:39 AM)krazygluon Wrote:
(2019-04-16, 01:15 AM)Lincrono Wrote: The main gun is severely hamstrung by being limited to above deck.  If a good portion of he forward section was gun it would be far more useful.  Similarly, if the ship pitches up at all that gun will fire into the bow along the forward arc, I would personally cut the walls there down considerably.

Huh? That's a 9x9 internal below decks.  It's far back to have room for rotation.  Combat testing hasn't shown any big problem with hitting the bow, but I was worried about that when I installed it.

As for the yaw thing...thanks for bringing up turning circle.  I've always wondered about that...time to go try messin with it.

I've only used fleet move with this thing in designer by itself to follow waypoints to try to tune the pid.

my bad on the 9x9, it looked like the turret was set on a 3x3 base,  if it is 9x9 below deck then some rail draw would clean up the accuracy and add some needed speed.

on ships this size a 300m turning circle is usually a safe bet, i haven't' checked yet to see if that is still the cap as some larger ships probably actually needed larger ones.
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