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FFG-1 Fearless (Criticism Welcome)


.blueprint   FFG-1 Fearless.blueprint (Size: 270.96 KB / Downloads: 24) I've been working on a modern inspired line of ships and aircraft.  This is a (mostly) complete design I'm looking for some advice on.

The Fearless represents the 4th class of ship in the line, building up from fast-attack, patrol, corvette and now frigates.

The hull/superstructure shape is roughly based on the BMT Venator (a contender for UK next generation frigate)  I didn't add a bulbous bow, but might revise to include one for sonar mounting.

Runs on twin supercharger heavy fuel engines.  Cruises efficiently but chugs fuel when the ammo processors kick in.
Has vectored props instead of a rudder, and some forward propulsion dediblades to push the max speed up to 20ish m/s.  (Waaay faster than a real venator, but I'm playing these ships to defend themselves primarily with range and maneuver)

Weapons Loadout:

-236mm clipless rapid fire main gun firing 2m HESH (Accuracy could use some work)
-6 Medium Radar EMPFrag VLS missiles
-4 Medium Remote guided VLS HE Thumpers (replaced an attempt at VLS Torps that didn't go so well in testing)
-4 Medium HE Torpedoes (forward firing bow tubes)
-24 Small Radar Frag SAMs
-Embarked HR-1 Missile attack helicopter.  Automatically does launch/recovery based on enemy presence in 3km range

-2 x 8 Small Missile Interceptors (not great, but it fits on the ship)
-2 x 4 Self propelled radar/flare decoys
-Smoke dispensers (only on forward half of ship so far)

This ship is late in my "First generation" run through the campaign, meant more to mass fires against the late DWG and early OW/LH targets.  I purposefully do not put LAMS, Rails, Offensive Lasers, PACs or Shields on gen 1 ships.  The later generations will get those once I'm happy with my abilities with more conventional weapons.  Also, I generally avoid CRAM based on the ranges I want to play at (1km is an uncomfortably close engagement for my corvettes/frigates, 2km is ideal)

My complaints/issues that I'm looking for some advice on:

- No combination of default/pid Yaw control seems to keep this thing from fishtailing badly in fleet movement.  I can max 20-21m/s but probably get half that speed made good because of how badly the thing overshoots maneuvers to stay on course.  Any advice on smoothing out the navigation is greatly appreciated.

- Looking for advice on where to put a kinetic or flak based CIWS.  I'm thinking the aft superstructure just in front of the flight deck, but concerned it's too far from COM and the rounds will fire too far off axis from incoming missiles leading to poor accuracy.

- Would broadside torps (and possibly also counter-torps) provide a significant firepower/defense boost) or better off leaving them alone.

Profile shot and BP Posted below:


.blueprint   FFG-1 Fearless.blueprint (Size: 270.96 KB / Downloads: 24)

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