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Notice to modders- new data management system

To Migrate from IBlockWithText do this...

(Note the IblockWithText functionality will remain in game)

Let the system know you have migrated to a new data structure.
[Image: UCEtsBQ.png]

Hook into the old system SetText method and put the string into your new data structure (Data.Text is a VarString (which is a Var<string>)
[Image: CnH7IkB.png]

And, for good measure, although it won't be called if you follow the first step
[Image: xHhIcjg.png]

This example is supported by the following code
[Image: mz8Jvj2.png]

[Image: uq8PHWB.png]

[Image: AT1aoYv.png]
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