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Notice to modders- new data management system

(2019-04-14, 01:59 PM)Why7090 Wrote: What are the types that this system can save, and how? Is it able to save Dictionary and List types? And what about custom structs/classes, and reference loops? Can we set it to ignore a specific property?

This is one example of a dictionary that I save. It's a dictionary of GUID keys and double values.
[Image: IjhPFSK.png]

Here is an example of saving a list of custom classes 
[Image: ZnFdb2s.png]

If you have a variable of type Var and you want to ignore it use the IgnoreAttribute
[Image: V6Y0vWm.png]

You can also set extra settings using the VariableModifier Attribute.
[Image: 8QmmbPn.png]
And here is a look at the details of that VariableModifier attribute
[Image: XQ1oV75.png]
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