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Been a while...

So what happened here?
It appears as if development almost came to a halt and weird game breaking updates are beeing rolled out^^
Not much besides a few mods got absorbed and the UI "reworked", including some funky new way of doing AI and propuilsive control.

Where's forgotten shores?
Any demo available?
Anything of substance?

Pursue happyness with diligence

Forgoten shores has been halted, some things got ported to FtD from it.
Nick is really really REALLY quite, no devs at all on the forums (rarely Hikari says something but thats it), because Dem suckers moved to inneficient discord...
What was the last version you played on?
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


To answer the other questions; Development is slowly chugging on - big missile overhaul, visual updates, general optimisation improvements, tons of new blocks and new features, ... , the last update was released with quite a few bugs and an unintuitive UI for the noninitiated; sparking tons of gloomy prophecies of doom for the game, which are mostly a passing fancy as always.

Meanwhile I myself am a little worried about the game slowly, ever so slowly, trickling out players without a new majour influx. Game price dropped to 12.50 euros and mr Nick thinks the game is not ready to try and make some more publicity for it, which is a shame because currently it's so little known no-one is happening across it, much less hearing of it. Meaning that the price drop doesn't actually make a difference in getting new players on board.

The last few updates have been a little slow, but have come in big hunks admittedly. AI has taken since november.
But it's still going on strong, and that's a reassurance.

But yes, most people are now on the discord. And the Devs followed them there. And the contrast in the quality of discussions and interactive communication is astonishing, in the bad sense. And any communication with the developers about any of these issues, at least from my end, has fallen on deaf ears.
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This is hard to explain in a short sentence but ever since Discord became a thing, communication deteriorated considerably and any talks around features is extremely limited, hard to track if any. Nick is rarely active and all feedback that (if even) gets to him is regurgitated by his henchmen. While features still comes out, its like 3 months or more of nothing, then if even Nick makes a thread about it, doesn't reply to anyone (Yes, looking at the recent stable patch !) and thats that. You know that enrages me the most ? The fact that what is happening now couldnt have happened few years ago. And few years ago we knew what was happening and features were rolling in and Nick was talkative and just the guy of the people.

He probably started to dislike us at some point, since that is the only logical reason why he would seclude himself It explains alot.

Also FS was a waste of time and i will keep saying that until Nick finally pushes it out. It took months of development time from FTD but the game still doesnt exist.
There might have been features pulled from the FS to FTD but i would like to actually play the game to see it myself, rather than hope that this feature was coded in FS first and then FTD and not the other way around only to claim its all thanks to FS.

Huh, fascinating^^

Thanks for all your replies Smile

Been playing (testing) all the versions so far, every now and then, including the current 'mess'.
Doesn't seem bad, just going a really weird direction.

But reading this funny stuff makes me think, that Nick is trying to let FtD die off, otherwise he would put a little more esteem into it, be more communicative to the now defunct community, well, talk to people. Information.
Where is the social media guru and what's it doing? Wasn't it supposed to bring FtD to the people?
Pursue happyness with diligence

It would probably be easier to stage a mutiny against both Nick and FTD and make our own game at this point..

Just saying a little competition might due him good..

I'm back now. I took some time off to deal with some health issues in my family, and myself.

Personally I am very happy with the pace of development up until November, and having the new AI framework ready for populating, the new control system stuff, the new data structures for multiplayer synchronisation in place, the breadboard, the particle cannon melee lens and various other things since then doesn't seem so bad either.
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