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The HTM 6.1

It has been a while hasnt it?

[Image: unknown.png]

so after having a sleep lacking night i came with what i think is the craft ive put most effort.

It carries a main Composite HE shell at 385mm at a capped Rpm of 75, and a coaxial machine gun like to the right of it firing a 50mm Aphe sort of round, meant to fire at soft targets.
[Image: unknown.png]
In the power section it brings a 2600hp fuel engine that at max demand is able to have a fuel efficiency of 1.8 per second, and it consumes 0.7 fuel per second when the tank is moving.
The engine was one i found in a engine plataform i sadly dont remember the name of.

It has 2 shields at the turret at 45 degrees of elevation set to reflect when enemie is in range at a power of 5

It has a max speed of 60 m/s

Now for the list of what it can carry:
-33000 materials
-6200 ammo (has ammo processors onboard)
-50000 fuel(might have gone a bit overkill there but fuel doesnt do the same damage as ammo when shot at)
thats the list then

Cost is at 54,664 Rp
and with a volume of around 6k 

if i missed something its cause its been so long ive completely forgotten how the forums worked
FULLY TESTED ON 2.4 it should move and open fire with no issue

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.blueprint   HTM 6_1.blueprint (Size: 192.97 KB / Downloads: 12)
I build for building not efficiency, just add more cannons an it will work

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