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SX - 1 Zwaardvis (Blake & Mortimer)

[Image: 17897F62F3E080E3AB4E0CA5B922E9F311B5048F]
It is finally in a battle ready state! You can find the design on my workshop if you want to test it out. It Isn't, of course, as awesome as it is in the Bande Dessiné - but I tried aproaching that asymptote of infinite cool as closely as I could.

It has performed quite allright so far ... Has the usual weaknesses of lightly armoured and shielded compact built aircraft. But for what is basically a high tier fighter jet, it works well. With the new missiles going official, I added a set of three three-part heavy bombs for added strike capacity. Adds a mean punch. I might make a variant CAS version later with a single bigger missile - it can support them after all. It currently has a set of active countermeasures that will be updated to the new possibilities once they are released.

Top speed: 120 m/s
Weaponry: 100K impact pac, 3 heavy gliding bombs, a battery of dorsal AMs
Features: this is the selling feature: when no enemies are nearby and when all enemies die after a battle the craft goes to pure RTG power and submerges, cruising underwater at no resource cost at speeds just shy of 40 m/s. When a battle starts and after a premier approach run to within a certain range of the enemy, it surfaces again and shoots up into the sky to align its attack run.

All ammo is in the wingtips. To make matters worse for AimP detection, those wings are far back and swept upwards, and shielded Cool 

[Image: bdg-56940_1_75.jpg]

Fragment from the comic film
Imperium Age of Sail Campaign Custom Campaign Dev Idea -> Check it out here!

[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]
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