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v2.4.0 [Devtest]

This is looking neat!

I'm eagerly waiting to see where the next few versions go. however, right now I'm using a steam-console download old DRM free version to amuse myself untill the current changes are balanced and normalised into the game. I'm cheering you devs on though!
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ROFL reading all the kids on steam screaming how things are not working and its tooooooooooo hard Big Grin gonna start a new flyer and a new game, checking out the new patch and stuff.. May do an upload later / tomorrow if all goes well Smile

if anyone manages to configure AI so that a tank can:
a- Accurately face it's front towards the enemy, NEVER showing it's side or rear, EVER
b- Reverses when too close, advances when too far
c- Can turn with absolutely no issues, no S movement

then contact me asap
i need immediate support

otherwise i might need to make a completely mechanical system which i don't want to...
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This is why you don't make fighter pilots fly bomber aircraft...

Can anyone explain why my ships are moving despite there being no enemies and no mvoe commands given? Some of my ships don't move/broadside in combat? They do shoot and move away when enemy gets too cloe. But they don't do anything else. Yes I configured the AIs back to how it should be after update.

ACB also no longer control propulsion properly because AI directly controls it instead interrupting any ACB commands. Before the AI didn't directly control wheels, jets, ions, props which allowed ACB to translate AI commands in to various controls that we so desired. This is no longer possible since AI directly controls the propulsion.

I haven't tested aircrafts so cannot comment just yet. Need reinforcements!
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word is there's still a few bugs that snuck through waiting to be ironed out - according to veterans on the discord. The thing is a little barfed up at the moment - I'd wait for a little while until everything is ironed out, because currentyl things are a little spaghettied.
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Well this should be a learning experience.
1) If there is a severe game breaking bug that got through, the devs need to let everyone on steam and forums know. Not just through word of mouth via discord.
2) Updates since 2.0 have been all buggy. These updates need to spend more time in devtest version before being released. Some obvious and rather game breaking glitches such as ACB commands, complex controls etc. should have been easily spotted in devtest. Glitched out faction ships should also have been noticed and fixed.
3) FtD also has a youtube channel that have been untouched for years. Use that and upload instructional videos on how to work the new AI. Some issues people have may not be glitches but a new/modified feature. Link that video on to the Steam, Forums, and Discord for everyone to see. Alternatively, have several step-by-step screenshots on the new changes, options, and features on all 3 community boards.

The dev team is small, so community contributors can help create these screenshot/video tutorials. One of the devs should contact active community members or existing FtD youtubers to make a instructional video. Then link that on all the community services.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

I've found the updates to AI to be frustrating to put it mildly..

Not sure what the intent to changing it was, but currently I have ships that move when theres no enemys near, and sit still when there is.. not what i had in mind. On the plus side though most of my aircraft still work okay.

What I think would be of benefit is more time spent in testing, ftd has lots of players who I'm sure would be only to happy to help with that.. or even saying to people we think this devtest build is ready to go, test it and see what breaks, if its good enough after a week of testing we'll roll it out.

Another thing that would help is improved documentation on the new features that come out, eg youtube vids or threads on the forum explaining in depth the new features and how to get the best out of them. In game tutorials would be good too.

I'm also curious to know if there is some kind of road map for ftd and where its going..

Something I sorely miss in the new AI update is the PID settings for hydrofoil pitch/roll/altitude.

any chance we'll be seeing those again?

Quick edit: just got a small update when launching steam - can we get a small changelog of the fixes?
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The bugtracker says repeatedly it cannot create my request after multiple attempts with big intervals, So I'm dropping this here.

Version 2.4.1 on windows 10
09/04/19 - ACBs can't interface with PIDs anymore
Find the affected blueprint where I first noticed this issue in attachment.

1) Pre version 2.4, the ACB's near the PIDs on this plane would disable them when enemies were nearby, and would reenable when no enemies were present. This meant that the plane would surface when enemies were present and the PIDs lost all control, and would keep the plane fully level and cruising below the water when no enemies were near.
Currently I find the ACB's can only control set point, and input, nominally. However, when an ACB gives the order to change the input, the PID remains unaffected, in this case remaining set to eg pitch with a set point of 0, instead of being set to none. This fully borks up the plane.

It would seem that ACBs can no longer govern PIDs therefore.

Furthermore, despite the plane being set to general desired altitude -45 out of combat, and having a PID that is set to mean sea level altitude of -45 outside of combat, it will strictly maintain an altitude of 0 outside of combat currently. The PID in question says the output is saturated, but gives no commands to up/down or pitch thrusters (checked this manually after setting up thrusters for the new update), and seems to claim that the desired value is 0 in it's ouput UI (see attached screenshot).

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.blueprint   SX-1 Zwaardvis.blueprint (Size: 253.66 KB / Downloads: 8)
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[Image: 32DA9A8EECC76926A3CDAA803283F5FCC3314BBA]


I'll just say that thanks to this update my tanks now move really well and respond to commands much better than before. Let me explain:

This update absoutely broke all my tanks, their AI doesn't control their tracks properly and my ACBs no longer work because they're fundamentally not able to control tracks anymore.

So this is what I did:
I DELETED the movement cards, set it as fortress control (my tanks are now fortresses, deal with it) and instead came up with a really nice ACB system that uses the target's bearing settings to "aim" the front of the tank towards the enemy it's targetting. Now I don't need an aerial card! It's a much more controllable and simple method than this new AI nonsense. No PIDs to tweak or anything, it just works!

Thanks devs. For the bearing ACB setting, it's the best thing ever, along with all the other new ACB inputs omg yes

I'll also want to say that my ships don't even use AI either, they rely on a turret based system which is much more reliable than naval AI and doesn't require tweaking. The only issue with it is the lack of pathfinding, but it's as easy as making a default naval AI that turns off when an enemy is nearby.
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This is why you don't make fighter pilots fly bomber aircraft...

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