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v2.4.0 [Devtest]

Here are the patchnotes of the current devtest v2.4.0

Please backup your blueprints if you choose to try the devtest. Your newly saved blueprints in the Devtest might not be backwards compatiable if you choose to go back to stable.

v2.3.2 Devtest
v2.3.2 [Add] <block>: Mimic Lead added, same stats as lead with 4 cost.
v2.3.2 [Add] <Block>: Added wedge front and back to glass, wood, and heavy armor.
v2.3.2 [Add] <Block>: Lead, Stone, and Rubber received full block variation.
v2.3.2 [Add] <Block>: Mimic Alloy added, same stats as alloy with 7 cost.
v2.3.2 [Add] <Block>: Mimic Metal added, same stats as metal with 7 cost.
v2.3.2 [Add] <Block>: New Cargo Material containers. Now you can make the perfect cargo ships! Or just have a nice large container to hold your mats.
v2.3.2 [Change] <Block>: Mimics now cost 2.
v2.3.2 [Change] <Block>: Updated Stone, lead, and rubber material.

v2.4 Dev Test
v2.4 [Add] <AI>: AI naval and land AI now has the ability to hover at a specific height and control pitch
v2.4 [Add] <AI>: Some new AI modes added such as a ramming behaviour mode and a six axis stabilisation manoeuvre mode
v2.4 [Add] <Blocks>: Complete sets of rubber, stone and lead blocks added
v2.4 [Add] <Control>: Added in the initial prototype of the BreadBoard control unit- more to come
v2.4 [Add] <Control>: Balloon deployer now has much more fine control over the size (and lift) of the balloon.
v2.4 [Add] <Countermeasures>: Added radar/sonar equivalent of sticky flare(same as sonar/radar buoys but no GPP requirement, no detections and twice as powerful).
v2.4 [Add] <Countermeasures>: Heat decoy got a power slider, between 100-5000
v2.4 [Add] <Countermeasures>: New block: chaff emitter. Uses materials/sec, reduces radar signature by a flat value. Reduction scales with the third root of total materials used by all chaff emitters on the vehicle(better on small things).
v2.4 [Add] <Countermeasures>: New block: radar decoy. 100-5000 power, radar missiles have a chance to lock onto it based on power(see tooltip).
v2.4 [Add] <Countermeasures>: New block: sonar decoy. 100-5000 power, sonar torpedos have a chance to lock onto it based on power(see tooltip).
v2.4 [Add] <Countermeasures>: Signal strength scales with size and decoy count on the missile. See tooltips for more info.
v2.4 [Add] <Lasers>: New block: output regulator. Attaches to the multipurpose laser, if it's present cavity drain is a % of max energy, not current.
v2.4 [Add] <Missile signal processor>: New missile component replacing IR camera: signal processor.

v2.4 [Add] <Missile signal processor>: S/M/L signal processors reduce enemy decoy missile strength to 20/15/10% of the original.
v2.4 [Add] <Missile signal processor>: Takes a full component on all missile sizes.
v2.4 [Add] <Missiles>: New block: 2x2 L hatch.
v2.4 [Add] <Missiles>: New block: single rail S launcher. 1/5 the cost of a quad rail, 1/4 weight, 1/2 health.
v2.4 [Change] <AI>: AI cards now provide one 'routine slot' for a 'behaviour' or 'additional' routine that is configured and saved in the AI mainframe. This change is backwards compatible with all old designs.
v2.4 [Change] <AI>: AI control has been separated into three types of routine: 'behaviour', 'manoeuvre' and 'additionals'. This allows more customisation of the AI.
v2.4 [Change] <AI>: AI PIDs reworked a little bit for simplicity
v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: Each functional block can now 'respond' to inputs (such as pitch up, roll left, A,B,C,etc) in various ways/magnitudes
v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: It is now possible to request hover up / hover down / strafe left / strafe right as well as five extra commands (A,B,C,D,E) and custom named commands
v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: Spin blocks can now be directly mapped to respond to controls in a much more sensible way

v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: The Adv Controller input keys and three drives remain unchanged
v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: The GP PID controller has it's settings separated into inputs and outputs and multiple outputs are now selectable.
v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: There are now two sets of player editable vehicle key mappings, one for a typical plane and one for a typical boat.
v2.4 [Change] <Controls>: Water drive and air drive have been simplified into 'primary drive' and a 'secondary drive' and 'tertiary' drive have been added.
v2.4 [Change] <Costs>: AI mainframe cost down from 400 to 300
v2.4 [Change] <Costs>: General purpose processing card cost down from 200 to 100
v2.4 [Change] <Costs>: Missile controller cost down from 100 to 50
v2.4 [Change] <Costs>: Missile stagger addon cost down from 100 to 50
v2.4 [Change] <Lasers>: Cavities now spawn full
v2.4 [Change] <Lasers>: New tooltips breaking down relevant info on cavity lines, couplers and multipurpose/combiner/optics/LAMS nodes
v2.4 [Change] <Missile HE>: Flak damage down to 80% (now 120% of the pre-rework value)
v2.4 [Change] <Missile HE>: HE/flak push force halved against missiles
v2.4 [Change] <Missile HE>: Missile HE warheads don't damage missiles, only push them
v2.4 [Change] <Missile interceptor>: Interceptor damage is now 100/200/400 for S, 500/1000/2000 for M

v2.4 [Change] <Missile interceptor>: Interceptor damage is now constant within the radius
v2.4 [Change] <Missile interceptor>: Interceptor radius down to 15m/30m for S/M, from 35/35
v2.4 [Change] <Missile targeting>: Old one treated all visible things as equal if they had 100% detection chance, with angle being the biggest factor to choose one(this meant decoys are exactly the same as any huge thing within 1000m).
New one uses signal strength(=detection range for constructs) as a base for everything (IR/radar/sonar).
Adjusts signal strength based on distance(50% at 1000m, 33.33% at 2000, ...)
Adjusts signal strength based on angle(50% at 15°, 33.33% at 30°, ...)
Checks whether or not the the signal strength is below a minimum threshold innate to IR/radar/sonar guidance components.
Chooses the best score from the signals above the threshold
v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: Ejection angles can be changed in 1° steps
v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: Harpoon cable strength increased by 50%
v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: Missile magnet force down to 50%
v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: Remote guidance GPP cost changed from 4/4/16 to 2/3/18
v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: Shortrange/variable thruster start delay can be set in 0.1s steps

v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: Stagger addons go up to 5s, has a slider with 0.025s increments
v2.4 [Change] <Missiles>: TPG lookahead is now capped at 5 seconds, down from 10
v2.4 [Change] <Modding>: It is now easy to mod in a new AI behaviour, routine or manoeuvre.
v2.4 [Fix] <Missiles>: Missile don't spawn trails from the launch point when a delayed thruster activates
v2.4 [Fix] <Physics>: [BUGS-632] vehicles spawned from blueprint spawner now calculate their drag correctly as they repair themselves
v2.4 [Fix] <Spinners>: In the old version insta spin speeds were incorrectly calculated when power scale was not 1. Spinners configured like this are now faster than they used to be.
v2.4 [Fix] <Wheels>: The 'Mock Wheel' now does what it was supposed to do
v2.4 [Remove] <Wheels>: Due to change in data format wheels will forget their settings - sorry about this.
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