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Jets act like there is something behind them

Hi. I made a boat that has jet engines on it. Two of them, that are placed near the front, tell me that there is something behind them, even though there is nothing.

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.blueprint   Oil Runner.blueprint (Size: 108.31 KB / Downloads: 18)

(2019-03-03, 02:56 AM)SweetJerryPie Wrote: Hi. I made a boat that has jet engines on it. Two of them, that are placed near the front, tell me that there is something behind them, even though there is nothing.

The code has changed to test a wider cone behind (and direactly to the side I think) of the thruster.  If you take out the other thruster and it's supporting structure from the side for example, it stops complaining.  Basically you just need an arrangement that gives it more space within a cone behind it.  The simplest solution is to move those two complaining thrusters backwards on the ship so they are right next to the other mid-thrusters (3 blocks backwards from where they are now).  If you don't want them side-by-side, you can move the inner thrusters even further back (like maybe 3 blocks further than the outer thrusters), the outer thrusters have free space on the ocean side so they won't complain about the inner ones coming a bit to their territory.  Would be helpful if game could display the actual area that it checks though.  The 0.5 surface radius info on the tooltip is old info and not even remotely true anymore.
both of the arrangements on the picture work.  They aren't prettyfied, but they show the principle.
-- edit --
Here's updated blueprint (still not prettyfied), I added some jet stabilizers to keep it from keeling over when turning, and second engine (super efficient 2400 power engine) because it was running out of power.  Also couple of side thrusters to help turning.  Of course, none of those are absolutely necessary Tongue I just like tinkering.

.blueprint   Oil Runner mk2.blueprint (Size: 142.54 KB / Downloads: 14)
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I think it's actually just glitched.

Kiriko, can you link to a update notice for this change?
I can't consistently recreate this effect at all. I tried to do what you described on my jet.
My jet have things next to it. A long time ago it was 105m/s and it still is now.
But I realized I misunderstood what you meant so I extended a box around the jets. First I tested the drag induced by the box.
Then tested it extending it behind the jets. There's no significant speed difference at most 2m/s. From 76m/s to 77m/s down to 74m/s to 75m/s. But that could be due to shifted CoM, thus changed flight profile. So no concrete evidence.
But maybe its because only the outer small jets got reduced which doesn't provide much thrust. So I removed them. Tested speed with just two large jets. Then extended a box 8m in length behind it. Same exact speed at 85m/s with or without the box.
So now that I'm fairly certain this isn't the cause of the issue...
I opened both original and the Mk2. I deleted the left outer jet on the original to see if it was the cause of the problem. I even deleted some fuel refinery parts to make sure that wasn't the cause.
It was not.

Went to the right and deleted EVERYTHING behind the problem jet. AT that point oil refinery started blowing up so I deleted that too. Went back to look and the inner right jet is fixed. I went to the left jet and that is fixed too despite having stuff behind it. So it's not because of having something behind it... It shouldn't, it only needs a short clearance. I reconfirmed it by testing at what distance does the message appear.
So maybe it was the oil refinery causing the issue? I deleted that on a new ship but jet was still broken.
I tried replacing the broken jets with a new jet but still broken.

So I went to mk2 and took a look. I tried to revert it back to original layout. and it broke. as expected. I tested at what point does it break and at what point it doesn't. And I found this gap where the jets does not work.
This gap seems to confirm what Kiriko is saying. However I went to the original, sub constructed that section... and loaded on a barge... And it's not broken. Well the barge is a old BP. maybe a entirely new BP? So I had a entirely new vehicle and placed the section on top. The jet was not broken.
Simply said, it's just glitched... Go with Kiriko's solution, it works but I wanted to confirm if this 'cone-test' update was true or not and I have found no concrete evidence for it.
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