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saving parameters in 2.4.x mods?

In short, 2.4.x branch brought some big (and good) changes to the game.  As a result my mod (voidware) is belly-up again though.  I've parsed together most of it, but there's a couple of issues I haven't been able to fix.  The most urgent one is saving block settings (e.g. slider states and the like).  It used to work with the SetExtraInfo() and such, but now apparently works with data classes, such as ShieldData or EngineData.  However I haven't been able to build these classes.

Visual Studio doesn't recognize k__BackingField, assignments such as this.<someVariable>k__BackingField = ... complain about the first < "Identifier expected", and about k__BackingField "The name 'k__BackingField' does not exist in the current context"

I might be missing a reference, or it might be something else - don't know.  Any thoughts?

I guess the other way to ask would be: "what references do I need to include into FTD mod project, to make a set of classes that include one that holds the (saveable) data - similar to f.ex. shield projector or fuel engines?".

-- edit --
This got resolved with help from FTD discord channel - mod's working again. ^_^
Workshop: Voidware, INARI and more.

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saving parameters in 2.4.x mods? - by Kiriko - 2019-03-02, 01:52 PM

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