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Question on ACB Controls of spinblades

So here's the situation. Have a small floating vehicle that uses dedicated heliblade spinners to stay afloat. they're all mirrored for balance, with 3 across the front/back, and 2 on the left/right sides.

I'm trying to configure ACBs to keep it level, the logic being "roll > x" or "pitch > x" but i can only control the rotational speed of them. while it can in theory survive with the 4 side ones being off and using them ONLY for pitch/roll correction, i was wondering if there's a more elegant way that doesn't involve me learning LUA. I'd thought about using the engine factor on them but the ACB doesn't seem to be able to control that :\ any suggestions would be welcome.

Trying to get it to work in the small scale before i blow it up to a larger flying base. attached is the WIP design i'm testing it on, nothing fancy, currently only the roll is setup, though it does have a bit of a problem of trying to find the sweet spot.

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From my experience, what works best is to keep the local altitudes at the same level rather that trying to zero the pitch and roll.
For that to work, make a set o 2 ACBs and dediblades. ACBs are close to the dedi and have short affected range. These basically control the spin direction of the local dedi if altitude is above or below set altitude. Place as much of these sets as you want preferably ad the edges of your craft.
Normally such setup is more resilient to the damage of a single dedi. Giving some always up % to the dedis with also help to keep is steady.
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You can use ACB's fine just use multiple ACB's that change the spin rate a small amount up/down based on roll /pitch.
Try to balance the vehicle first using less than 30 spin then your balancing spinners can make finer adjustments.
Or I have on some larger vessels have them have a slightly nose up attitude with rear spinners set at around 25 then have ACB set to increase to 30 if pitch positive and then back to 0 when pitch=0. Hols it reasonably level with only a minor pitch wobble.
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