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Discusion about Decoys

As I saw people on the discord speak about new decoys for missiles on the Closed devtest. So I want to clarify some things I didn't notice people discussing there.

So in real life there are 3 types of decoys: Flares (IR), Chaff (Radar), Noisemakers (Sonar).

Which at the moment in FtD are reflected by Sticky flares, Radar and Sonar Buoys, Which should exactly work all that well, because Radar doesn't really care if there are other signals of other wavelengths are coming at it, but if there are many waves with slightly shifted waves coming at it it is a different thing, that is what we call an ECM, Which is an Active countermeasure. Chaff on the other side is  a Passive countermeasure that consist of many thin aluminum strips you just drop of the back, which then looks like a target moving at a similar speed, slowing down fast. Because Radars can identify if a target is flying towards or away or flanking (flying sideways to the radar) chaff is actually only effective when the aircraft is flanking (Notching is probably a more appropriate term, because you want to be as close as possible to 90° to the radar) because then you are relatively to the radar, not moving so then it sees the aircraft and the chaff blobs at the same speed and then, what is the missiles target most of the time is picked at random.

Now Flares, flares are just hot glowing things you drop from the rear of the plane or side of the ship to try to confuse Heat seekers. There are 2 ways of countering flares for missiles. 1. Making the Missile much smarter; 2. Adding more wavelengths the Seeker head is searching in (Normal these days is 2 spectral seeking (Mid infrared and long infrared) but the Russian newest Manpad (9k333 Verba) has 3 spectral seeking (Mid and long Infrared and Ultraviolet) Which makes confusion of such missiles much harder. The way the game handles heatseekers reminds me more of 1 gen heatseekers like Early Aim-9s, R-60s or Strelas which just search for the hottest target and go for it, so when a flare is dropped the just immediatly change targets, where on the 2nd gen ones with 2 spectral searching and missile computers being a bit smarter lets say Igla, Stinger, R-73, Aim-9X etc. are a bit harder to be fooled by flares, you have to actually try to make the missile thing that the flare is the engine of the aircraft by flying in a certain way (on Russian aicraft is pulling up and dropping flares, deactivating afterburner)
Also 1st gen heat seekers could not target aircraft from the front, only rear 60° or so.
Ships flares try to just put up a giant wall of flares and chaff hoping the missile will go high and over.

I don't know that much about Naval combat in real life so I can't comment on Noisemakers that much, as much as I know about them, is that they just create a duck ton of noise, which confuses the Sonar seeker, no matter if active of passive because it just puts noise all over the face of it. never torpedoes try to do a 'S' turn or something around noisemakers.
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


Nice comment and detailing.

I'm not exactly sure where they will be taking the new stuff. Chaff is something I've been waiting for for a long time. But I believe that the signal garblers or what are they called will also start playing a bigger role. That could make sense, since I kind off consider the remote guidance to be like semi-active radar homing.

I'm especially happy with this overhaul, since swathes of active defenses like LAMS or shields/ CIWS/ Interceptors are not always feasible/too pricey on smaller and more compact designs. These defences would certainly relieve the strain the new missiles put on such craft.
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