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The Wiki is being worked on, starting to be usable

If you're active on the official Discord or on the Steam forum you probably know allready. We're making progress and the Wiki is starting to get usable (allthough many parts are not yet updated/complete).

The perhaps biggest page that's up-to-date is the one on missiles. Some smaller pages are too, and some big pages had parts of them updated.

If you read something on the Wiki and find a page that seems incorrect and/or incomplete, please consider adding one of the following templates to the page (click "edit source", copy-and-paste):
  • {{Stub}} marks the page as incomplete. Add it if more information is needed or usefull.
  • {{ObsoleteInfo}} marks the page as obsolete. Add if the information was correct, but isn't anymore. You can use {{ObsoleteInfo|Reason}} to specify what exactly you think is obsolete (replace "Reason" with your reason).
  • {{Cleanup}} marks the page as in need of care. I.e. broken formatting, terrible spelling/grammar, or similar. You can use {{Cleanup|Reason}} to specify what exactly you think is wrong (replace "Reason" with your reason).
  • {{citation needed}} can easily be added to a specific part of a page (even mid-sentence). For example, you can add it if the information provided needs testing to be confirmed.
  • {{Reupload}} marks a file as obsolete. Add it to image-files (i.e. a page like "File:AutomatedControlBlock.png", the important thing being the "File:" at the start) if they're from obsolete versions of the game. {{Reupload|optional reason}} can be used to specify a reason, like with Cleanup and ObsoleteInfo.
All of these templates automatically add the page to their respective category, making them easy for others to find. If you want to help, taking a look at these categories might be a good starting point, but feel free to take a look around the Wiki and improve whereever you see missing/wrong/obsolete info.

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The Wiki is being worked on, starting to be usable - by FourGreenFields - 2019-02-19, 12:24 PM

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