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Demons arena tournanent

A kinda late post for tournament for big and expensive fleets. After taking a break from youtube and life in general for a month I decided to come back to this tournament so here goes the rules.

> 600k resource limit
> up to six vessels (sub vehicles are counted in this limit and once they are destroyed you cannot rebuild them, docked crafts count as well so a 2 part mech is 2 crafts)) 
> no vessel may cost more than 400k RP and only one ship is allowed to be upto 42069 volume , rest should be under 20k volume ( u can have 6 crafts costing 100k each too , its not mandatory to have a flagship)
> fleet in total should not be more than 70k volume and must not be more than 80k volume (my pc can only do so much)
> no vessel may be more than 250m in the longest dimension
> no vessel may be more than half that in any other direction
> Craft has to look like a craft , aka , battle cubes , gun platforms etc are not allowed and craft head and anus should be distinguishable

> warp drives cannot warp in lesser intervals than 30secs and cannot warp more than 200m, sucide crafts cant have warps
> no grav rams
> no lua
>  aimpoint selection card allowed can only be set to random blocks, cannot be set to target AI and ammo
> no exploits (eg. spinblock madness), any clipping will be frowned upon and potentially disqualify your design on my judgement
> no completely internal thrust (any thrust source must be placed so it would work if it were real)
> A fleet cannot have more than 2 suicide/melee crafts and no more can be spawned. Suicide/mellee crafts cannot exceed 8k volume (these crafts will count in the 6 craft )
>No craft may have more than a total of 3 layers of kinetic (Distrupt and/or reflect) shields of a total strenght of more than 12 over any given part.
At the same time, no craft may have more than one layer of laser absorb shields. Its strenght can not be higher than four.   Accidental clipping of more layers of shields will be judged by me on a case-by-case basis. Deliberately breaking the rule will result in your submissions being rejected.
> all the design must move at least 10 m/s and no more than 100 m/s
> all the design must move smoothly through its medium 
> magnets are not allowed in a missile if it has thrusters or propellers, magnets can be only used for mines
> all the designs must be able to damage itself by atleast 20% in a mirror match (in case of fleet each individual craft will be mirrored)
> all the design must not cause bullets to despawn in a mirror match (within the battlefield - roughly 3k RPM for all ones craft combined)
> each fleet needs to have a sensible amount of missiles and each launch pad has to be able to reload 4 times in the inspection
> distance above 2.5km grants disqualification time
> altitude above 300m grants disqualification time
> altitude below -25m grants disqualification time (avoid submarines)
> 30 seconds disqualification timer
> detection system is not required, although detection will be set to 90% so it might be a worthwhile investment

> the match spawns the designs at 1.5km distance facing each other
> the tournament map is pure water
> one match lasts 15 minutes
> each side has 20k RP for repairs, steam, ammo processors, etc (this resource doesn't come from your 600k allowance)
> enemy designs will not become salvage
> a fleet must have more than 3 types of weapons.. simple weapons dont count in these types except simple lasers

> knockout style tournament with loosers bracket
> one loss makes one enter the next round of the loosers bracket
> a loss in the loosers bracket means a loss of the tournament
> the victor of the winners bracket faces the winner of the loosers bracket in the finals
> quarter finals (last 8 participants) are best of 3
> the finals of each bracket as well as the final of the tournament is a best of 5 
> if i deem a craft too offensive for youtube i will not accept it (note that i will allow stuff like a penis or a giant swear word, just dont want actual horrible stuff)
> a craft that intentionally is built to disqualify the enemy by pushing , shoving etc will be disqualified
> any game breakers will be disqualified
> The best looking ship will be given the Mr/Mrs dazzle title ( a seperate tourney will be held with runner ups and stuff just for the aesthetic title)
> if ur fleet crashes my game or haults me down to 2 fps its probably disqualified

Submissions are open till march 1st 5:00pm IST. only 1 submission per person . You can submit via discord or via forum post reply. 

Winners will get a discord role , a virtual cookie and a custom fleet icon/logo design from me.

For further details you can join my discord server at :
My discord :

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