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Tank Tussle Season 2! (Submissions Due March 8th)

Hey everyone! I'm officially announcing my next tournament after Battleship Brawl Season 4 Finishes! Please read the rules THOROUGHLY before submitting.

Tank Tussle Season 2

-Max Materials: 30k

-Max Vehicles: 1

-Spawn Range: 1500m

-Max Range: 1000m

-Speed Limit: 40 m/s

-Allowed Weapons: APS cannons and small missiles.

-APS Restrictions:
--No multi-barrel firing pieces. Every firing piece must be set to have 1 barrel.
--No belt fed autoloaders
--No gravram rounds
--No EMP
--No HESH rounds
--No Hollowpoint rounds
--No primary HEAT warheads (secondary warheads are fine)
--No railguns
--No direct-feed only autoloaders. All autoloaders MUST load from at least 1 magazine. You may put ammo inputs directly on autoloaders and/or firing pieces, but the magazine must also be loaded and used.
--No ejectors
--The gun must be set up so that it fires at a mostly consistent rate. Burstfire weapons which dump many shells and then spend an extended time (more than a second or two) reloading are banned. This mimics the operation of belt-fed and direct-fed weapons, which are banned.

-Missile Restrictions:
--Small missiles only
--Max of 2 gantries per launcher
--Max of 2 launchers per vehicle
--No harpoons
--No EMP

-Shields are banned.

-LAMs are banned.

-Entries must be tank-like. It doesn't have to be realistic or pretty, but a lattice tank or a box/wall with a gun on it will not be accepted. I'm going to be MUCH more strict about this than I have been.

-No exploits/excessive cheese. If you think what you're doing is cheesy and might not be accepted, it probably won't be. Tone it down. Again, I'm going to be MUCH more strict about this than I have been.

-If I determine, by my sole discretion, that an entry will not be fun to watch fight because it is too weak, too cheesy, or any other reason, then it will be rejected. Again, again, I'm going to be MUCH more strict about this than I have been.

-Detection will be set to 97% auto-detect. This means detection equipment isn't strictly necessary but not having it will put you at a disadvantage.

--Detection equipment IS allowed on spinblocks but may not be hidden away. It must have a clear line of sight and be working as intended. Putting detection equipment on a spinblock within the hull or anywhere where it would not have clear line of sight/effect were it mounted on the hull instead is considered an exploit.

-Centralized resources will be used. Each entry will be given 2000 materials to work with for repairs, ammo production, and (if someone /really/ wants to) fuel refining/steam engines.

-Aim point selector cards must be set to target a random block if used

-LUA is banned

-Warp drives are banned

-Spawn sticks are banned. Vehicles will be spawned in facing one another.

-Excessive clipping is banned. Excessive clipping has two main definitions (see below), but is not strictly limited to only these two situations.
  1. Placing a block on a turret or spinblock that occupies the same space as another block.

  2. The rotation of a turret or spinblock causes a something to clip through a block on another sub-object that it would normally be unable to pass through were that block mounted on the hull instead of a sub-object. This only applies to the rotation of the turret itself, not to the elevation/depression of gun barrels.
-Vehicles must be able to reach and maintain 10m/s during normal combat operation. This includes maintaining 10 m/s during turns and through the recoil of its weapons. If the recoil of a gun causes your speed to dip below the minimum, even briefly, the vehicle will not be accepted. The vehicle must maintain 10m/s at all times, except when transitioning from moving forward to reversing or vice versa. Another exception is losing mobility due to combat damage.

-The map is the Storm of 35 map generously provided by Cptn Cleator, which is a perfectly flat map.
--Max altitude of 55m. The ground is at an altitude of ~45-47m.

-Wootness's Tournament mod will be used. As such, fleeing from the enemy while greater than 1000m from them or exceeding 55m in height will earn you disqualification time. If you reach 60 seconds of DQ time, your entry will be detonated in a nuclear inferno and disqualified, resulting in a loss.

-Anything that is banned may still be used solely for aesthetic purposes. It will not be allowed if it gives you a mechanical effect/advantage.

Battle Format

-Matches will be best two out of three with a 5 minute time limit. A vehicle will be declared the winner if one of the following conditions are met:

1-Its opponent despawns via in-game mechanics such as being Too Damaged
--If a vehicle has a despawn timer running/start before its opponent despawns, that timer will be allowed to run out. If both vehicles despawn, the battle is a draw.

2-Its opponent is detonated for being out of bounds by Wootness’s Tournament Mod

3-Its opponent is disabled and unable to fight back while the prospective victor is capable of dealing damage and avoiding out of bounds disqualifications. The opponent must be incapable of repairing (I.E, due to either not having a sufficient number of repair bots remaining to do significant repairs or running out of materials) and the winner must both be capable of continuing to deal damage and avoiding an out of bounds DQ. If both vehicles are disabled, the battle is a draw. If the functional vehicle gets DQ’d, the disabled vehicle will win as normal.

4-It reaches and maintains a >25% HP lead over its opponent

5-The 5 minute timer expires and it has more HP remaining than its opponent. If HP is equal when time runs out, the battle we be extended in 1 minute intervals until there is an HP difference.

Tournament Format

-Every vehicle will be expected to fight 5 battles. The only exception to this is if a vehicle goes 0-3, it will be considered Fallen and not be eligible for the Grand Finals, regardless of its final rating.

-Battle order will be determined randomly. Every entry will be placed in a list. The top vehicle in the list is the Active Combatant. The AC will fight the next vehicle in the list, then the next, then the next, so on and so forth until it fights 5 matches or goes 0-3. Then, the vehicle that is closest to the top of the list and is not retired becomes the AC and the process repeats.

    Example List
Tank A   ←-Tank A is the first AC. It will face Tank B first, then C, D, E, and F.
Tank B
Tank C
Tank D
Tank E
Tank F  ←-Once Tank A fights Tank F (or loses to B, C, and D to give it an 0-3 record), Tank A retires. Since Tank B has not retired yet and it is closest to the top, it becomes the AC and fights Tank C, then D, then E… so on and so forth.

--Vehicles at the bottom of the list who do not have enough opponents to fight 5 battles will have their battle order wrap back around to the top of the list. In the example above, this means if Tank F became the AC and did not have 5 battles, it would face Tank A despite Tank A having already retired. Vehicles that have already retired will not have their GFR affected by these extra battles in any way, positive or negative. This is simply to ensure every vehicle gets their battles in.

-Each battle will have links to the Hall of Beauty poll in the video description. These polls are % based, so 5 yes votes and 5 no votes gives a vehicle a 50% HoB rating.

-A vehicle’s Grand Finals Rating is equal to its HoB rating minus 10 per loss suffered and plus 2.5 per kill. A kill is considered a victory met under conditions 1 thru 4 (a draw is not a victory thus does not record a kill), listed above. If the timer expires, there is no kill. If a vehicle goes 4-1, has a HoB rating of 60%, and got 8 kills, then it’s GFR = 60-(10*1)+(8*2.5)=70. A vehicle still receives credit for killing an opponent in a round even if it loses the match.

-Vehicles will be seeded into the Grand Finals based upon their GFR. The top 16 vehicles by GFR will enter a bracketed, single-elimination tournament. The vehicle that makes it to the top will be our Grand Champion!

Submission Guidelines

-All vehicles will be put in a test battle against itself to gauge its combat effectiveness. Vehicles must be capable of reducing itself below 80% HP within the 5 minute time limit or it will not be accepted.

-I will do an inspection of vehicles prior to accepting them, but due to constraints on my time and the sheer number of entries I receive these inspections will be quick and dirty. I will be looking for obvious things, but I may miss a DQ-able offense. If I do miss something and it is discovered after the tournament has begun (which is likely because I intend to make the BP of every vehicle public with its debut battle. Someone will want to fight your vehicle and end up finding your sneakiness, so don’t try to cheat), your vehicle will be immediately disqualified. Any and all battles it has fought will be nulled and voided completely as if they never happened.

--Inspection of a vehicle halts the moment I find a DQ-able offense. This does not mean that the reason your vehicle was rejected is the only issue it has, so make sure to go over the rules and your vehicles thoroughly before resubmitting.

-Please do not message me asking things like, “Is this too cheesy?” or “Does this count as excessive clipping?” If you have to ask those questions then you’re pushing it and should probably tone it down. I am fine with clarifying a rule for you, but I will only make calls on whether or not your specific vehicle is violating them during the official inspections after submission.

-I will be using a chance system during the submission process this time around. If I reject your vehicle, you will lose one chance. Infractions that break blatantly obvious rules, such as building a PAC weapon on your vehicle or stacking multiple blocks into a single space via subobjects will result in losing two chances. Failing the test battle will also result in two losing two chances. If you lose all three chances, you will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. So make sure to THOROUGHLY read the rules and go over your vehicle with a fine-toothed comb. I hate to have to do this but I've had too many issues with people not doing their due diligence prior to submitting. Let's not waste each other's time, alright? Thanks.

--Only one chance will be lost per submission attempt regardless of how many issues are found (except in the case where an issue merits two chances being lost). If I find three DQ-able things during the inspection., you will still only lose one (or two, for the more blatant things) chances.

-Submissions received before the deadline but are not approved until after the deadline will be given a single chance to fix their vehicle. It must be resubmitted within 24 hours of my rejecting it, but if it is rejected again then you will not be allowed to participate, regardless of remaining chances.

-No changes or edits may be made to a vehicle after the submission deadline, but you may resubmit a vehicle multiple times to update it if you make improvements. However, if the new version is rejected you will still lose a chance.

-Please submit your entry as Name by SoAndSo, such as Manticore by Menti. Failure to include your name in the BP will result in you losing a chance.

Submission Information

Submissions may be sent to me via Discord PM (I'm Menti#4547, also here is the link to my Discord: ) or as an e-mail attachment to They are due no later than 3 PM Eastern (GMT-4) on March 8th.

Awaiting Inspection


HT3 White Death by Dru
T-400 Mantra by Karnivool
Sgt Nickles by Obscure
Landkreuzer P1000 Ratte by Qwert26
Mammoth Tank C3 by Aerolfos
ARO L1 02F by Master Kato
Diamond Dog by Anickle
New Providence by Ausvain Nasic
DesertKing by Seminastro
The Goliath by 219thlegion
Hammerhead by RealiGo
Overstone by Vanhar
T90A by Pikmug
T-89-49D8-BC Bergstutzen Heavy Tank by Flax
Darkest Crusader by Bodyless
Honky Tonk by T3hJimmer
The Egghead by HolyHopper
S Victoria Pride by FreeSiberian
Greater Good by Shieldmate
T-99 by Gxy
Leopard 2A8 by KhKPcK
Merkava X by Kiwibirb
M2A3 Confessor by ZeeZee
Type-60B1 Zbroja by Gaming19
T-73A-5C Grand Hussar by TheConeezeanEmperor

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