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Beltfed loaders + high gauge = surprisingly good results

Sooo, I'm curently toying with beltfed-based artillery, and checked how far I could go in terms of gauge while keeping a high, sustained rate of fire. So I reworked my Gascogne that I like so much and turned the artillery into beltfed-based thing. Result is... interesting.

[Image: EA43234DCEA39CEC8987CF42225C1D3B59CFA954]

To fit a 500mm shell in a beltfed, there are not many options: two elements only, here one propellant and one HESH head. Weak individually, but when fired at a sustained RoF of 650 rpm, that's another story...

[Image: 081FA89EEAAE13E97DA2B603390AE153A838213E]
Weak, huh?
[Image: C8D18B5FAAD3B35BA0C09026DB9A559F84F14B6D]
Now fit this shell in a spamgun of hell...

Okay, not excatly spamgun of hell, only 650rpm. Still: with such rate, many things pass shields and LAMS to chomp through armor quite easily. Enough to tear down godlies like Bulwark, Adrastos or the Mighty Thyr. 400+ m/s helps tracking down fast targets, and those 15m barrels mean sick accuracy (0.15°!). All in all, the combo works great.

[Image: 90F0419C7C554CDF84AA387E19AD6266B957F239]

Together with a rework of shields, armor and LAMS, my good ol' Gascogne has become something very viable for campaign. Could be more tanky, but remains pleasant to use and watch.

So, figures, usual stuff:

length: 165m
Width: 29m
Blocks: 17516
Volume: 41885 m3
Mass: 15161 T
Cost: 453237 RP
Power: 72000 HP

two quad-500mm beltfed-based guns, HESH shells, 80rpm
two dual-200mm guns, time-fused Flak, 200rpm
96 radar-guided missiles, small size, about 950m range
16 ASROCs, sonar-guided, medium size

dual-layer, strength-3, shielding, dynamic switching depending on target bearing
8 quad-launchers for anti-missiles decoys, IR and radar
4 quad-launchers for torpedoes decoys

U/J: accelerate/decelerate
H/K: steer port/starboard
T/G: start shields in laser absorb / reflect mode
O: stop shields

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.blueprint   Gascogne - Beltfed.blueprint (Size: 963.11 KB / Downloads: 21)
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

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