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1:1 Scale Venator-Class Star Destroyer (WIP)

So, I have decided to make a 1:1 scale Venator-Class Star Destroyer obviously from Star wars. Its going to take a while so im going to post updates and the progress of me building it. The size of the venator is around 1,140m long, 548m wide and 268m tall(this is all accurate to the one im making with one block being 1m). In conclusion this Venator is going to be very large so its going to take a while, so dont expect it soon.

Any questions, just post them on this thread and ill try to respond.


Update 1: I've finished the genral outline of the Venator just getting the final proportions correct but its looking pretty good. I attached new picture of the updated design, ill do this for every update. Anyway better get back to building, post replies to ask any questions/feedback. Cheers

Update 2: Progress is being made, I have finished the overall frame of the venator so im now onto placing the blocks to cover the holes. see the latest picture for status. anyway, post replies to ask any questions/feedback. Cheers

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Good luck my dude, and RIP your processor =P
[Image: EwYtNDC.png]

What will you use for the cannons
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(2019-01-27, 08:45 PM)iPersons Wrote: What will you use for the cannons

Um, I dont know yet. Ill think of that after the thing flies.

Good luck making that thing fly without killing your FPS and crashing the game

I would highly recommend using paint to mark sections of the vehicle that can be left empty now and filled in later.  for example: if you have a 3m wall that is all solid, consider leaving the middle 1m empty and marking the surroundings in red or something.  This will help keep the block count down for as long as possible and hopefully allow you to get more of the ship done with lower lag.
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I built a less than 1:1 version in the past. probably 1:4 and will be interesting to see your completed version.
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