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A Battle Cruiser for Your Consideration

What started as an attempt towards a heavy cruiser quickly grew into a battle cruiser. Took the lessons learned from my earlier destroyer design and applied it here. I would like to hear what the denizens of the forum think about this ship. Managed to actually achieve a greater top speed than the destroyer, ~36 m/s.

[Image: CFsmv2i.jpg?1]

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.blueprint   BC1.blueprint (Size: 405.57 KB / Downloads: 21)

the blueprint is missing
like's strange music Tongue

Muh battleship that I'm building right now somehow reaches 37m/s (~70 knots) so stupid Big Grin
ok well, the Powerpack is 4 huge steam gearboxes with 4 huge 7m propellers

Your definition of a battlecruisers seems a bit smaller than my definition of a battlecruiser Big Grin
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


(2019-01-20, 08:39 PM)khkpck Wrote: the blueprint is missing

Fixed, thanks for pointing it out.

Interesting unit there, but I'd like to point out several things.

First, for powerpacks: those huge turbines take long time to build up pressure, you can try to use a bunch of small ones instead asthey ramp up faster.

Second, try to increase the number of autoloaders in your turrets: overall rate of fire is too low, it's crippling your design efficiency.

Third, you don't need such big storage of ammo and raw material. Ammo boxes are well protected, but a shell here will have dramatic consequences. 2000 ammo are well enough, a bunch of ammo processor will keep you topped.

The very good point is armor: the bottom sides especially are thick, surprinsigly durable for a design in this range of cost; consider adding some gap though, it remains a bit weak against HESH shells. Nice job also on the general hull shape, it's thin a looks good.

I'm really curious about how your design will evolve, there is quite somepotential and it looks fine.
-"Speed is armor" - Admiral john 'Jackie' Fisher

-"Firepower is better armor" - Blitzkrieg Bob

So here's my critique of the ship:

Hull and armor: 
-The hull layout is a little strange to me,  You have a lot of armor at the bottom of the ship, and less around the water line and top.  I can see what you're thinking here, especially with the placement of the ammo, but against CRAMS, airships, missiles, and heavy guns with low/moderate speed shells you're going to have a lot of shots penetrate the top of the ship and punch right into your critical systems.  I would recommend concentrating the HA around your engines, weapons, and AI (ammo is NEVER worth HA) and replacing some of that upper alloy with steel

-Internal compartments are inconsistent you have several areas where the internal bulkheads are absolutely on point with second and even third layers of armor surrounding the key systems.  But in a lot of other areas, around key systems like the engines, propeller shafts, and the bottoms of the gun turrets you only have one layer of armor.  This means that even weak HESH/HEAT shells will throw lots of frags into those vulnerable systems, and that pen-depth shells will have devastating consequences.  These compartments are also very large, which means that only a few holes can rob you of most of the ship's buoyancy.  I would recommend re-building the propeller system so that those engines are more towards the center of the ship and wrapped in their own shells, i'd wrap the main steam engines in seperate armor shellls, and I'd extend the multiple hull layers around the top of the guns all the way to the bottom.  I'd also move the ammo away from the guns and engines so they don't draw fire towards those areas

-I like the main guns, but I'd like them more if the magazines were fully below the Deck, several of the turrets have those magazines behind only 2m of metal.  Furthermore, there's a lot of wasted space on the guns themselves.  You have lots of cooling, but the guns can't actually load that fast, you need more magazines to really up the rate of fire.  I'd also consider rail assist, fins, or longer barrels to get more accuracy from those shells.  I like the speed on them, but I feel that they'll suffer greatly against standard FTDs defenses with shields and LAMs in addition to strong armor layouts.

-On the secondary weapons I would like to see them all have more loaders and coolers to higher rates of fire.  In addition, you should really bury the key components under the deck.  You have a lot of space under them which would allow you to make them more lethal and better protected.  currently one nearby HE hit will kill any of these mounts.  you have a lot of empty space inside, use it for the guns.

-The ship needs missiles, torps, or some energy weapons to round out the damage types it can deliver.

Active defenses.  You have a ton of unused engine power, I hope it's for shields and LAMs that aren't added yet.

Propulsion balance:  a bunch of hydrofoils at the front to force the bow down is not the right answer.  It's a huge weakness while the sloped bow and sides are actually generating lift.  A heavier ship overall would help counter this as would moving the props higher.   Further, you have a bunch of very light components (the steam engines, their rooms, and the material storage) all taking up space at the bottom of the ship,  while at the same time you're trying to make that section heavier with lead and HA.
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

I tested your ship against one of my destroyers and, well overall the main issue I see in your design is the concentrated ammunition. One hit removed all ammo from the ship. If there were multiple cache, the ship will last a lot longer. This single change will make your ship A LOT better.
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