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Steam engines?

Every piece of the steam engine except the propeller needs to point towards the stern (aim at the stern and press G). The propeller faces forward.

The 2m sealed prop shaft is strange to place. It needs to go inside the hull, aimed toward the stern. The hull must be only one block thick at that point. Outside the hull, and still aiming sternward, place a 1m prop shaft. Then, aim forward and place a propeller on the 1m shaft piece that is outside. Here's a bad text diagram of it:

[Gearbox ->][Crank ->][Shaft ->][Reduction gear ->][Prop shaft ->[Reduction gear ->][2m prop shaft ->][1m HULL][1m prop shaft ->][Propeller <-]

Forward is to the left, rearward to the right. The arrows (<-/->) show the direction the block should "point" toward.

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