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Ideal armor thickness for a somewhat independent ship

(2019-01-28, 05:50 PM)Skyer Wrote: You don't see quite the entire picture of what the cannon is, in the cannon there is actually almost no empty spaces, these empty spaces are used for Railgun Chargers or Recoil compensators.
The cannon has a continues rate of fire of 32RPM or a round every 1.87s.
That being a rail assisted cannon.

The ship is indeed very durable.
And sure thing, I'll have to try how it deals with HESH and HEAT - Though having 2 airgaps I'd expect that it does pretty well

running rail chargers and recoil between the clips/loaders in a 4 clip setup is still highly inefficient because you end up expending a lot of blocks on connectors.  for heavy railguns like this, it's the charge rate that tends to be the bottleneck so it is much more efficient to have a minimal gauge snake with a compact core of loaders and have most of the rest of the gun be chargers with enough recoil compensation to not knock the ship around.
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